BGK implements lease guarantees

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will be given new facilities for access to finance. BGK’s lease guarantees use the funds of the Pan-European Guarantee Fund. They will help generate a leasing campaign worth PLN 5.6 billion and will support entrepreneurs and the Polish economy in a difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic. The new BGK guarantees cover up to 80% of the lease amount or lease loan without interest and costs related to their granting.

The total amount of fixed assets financed by leasing companies in Poland amounted to PLN 78 billion in 2019, last year it was PLN 70 billion. Leasing is an important source of financing for the needs of SMEs. Now, which is particularly important for companies at a time of crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, entrepreneurs will have easier access to it. At the same time, leasing companies that have signed a cooperation agreement with BGK will grant leases on more favourable terms.

Thanks to the new guarantees, lessors can offer more favourable than standard terms, including reducing the lease/loan margin, extending the lease/loan term, increasing the lease/loan amount, lowering the requirements regarding the level of other collaterals. BGK is the first development bank that uses the funds of the Pan-European Guarantee Fund in the counter-guarantee formula to offer support for business.

We respond flexibly to the current needs of the economy and society, an example of which is the BGK assistance package for entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic. The companies have already used it 100 thousand times and the financing generated for the economy exceeds PLN 76 billion. We build partnership relations and cooperation with the financial market and the public sector. Together with our partners – the Ministry of Finance, the Polish Leasing Union and the European Investment Fund – we help those companies that use leasing or lease loans as an alternative to bank credits. Together, we initiate actions and create solutions that contribute to the socio-economic development of the country – says Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, President of BGK’s Management Board.

Entrepreneurs have been struggling for more than a year with the effects of the pandemic that actually affect the Polish economy. Together with partners with BGK and the EIF, we decided to prepare a new comprehensive aid solution which will concern both the lease agreement and the lease loan – says Paweł Pach, Chairman of the KW of the Polish Leasing Association. – Leasing companies that distribute new products will be able to create their pricing policy more flexibly, will be able to extend the lease period or increase the amount of financing. The parameter that encourages us the most today is the fact that BGK guarantees up to 80 percent of the agreement’s value. It should be emphasised that the programme itself is very much equipped with capital, which will make it possible to generate leasing transactions worth more than PLN 5 billion (PLN 5.6 billion). We expect great interest in this programme among all leasing companies affiliated in the Polish Leasing Association.

The guarantee benefits from the EIF counter-guarantee and the Pan-European Guarantee Fund (EGF). It was established with the support of the Ministry of Finance and the National Contact Point for Financial Instruments of European Union Programmes. BGK has taken advantage of the opportunity created by the Polish government as a result of Poland’s accession to the Pan-European Guarantee Fund.

The agreement on a new portfolio guarantee line signed by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is a very good message for Poland and our leasing sector. Thanks to this, Polish companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, will use the instruments offered on favourable terms thanks to guarantees under the Pan-European Guarantee Fund – says Minister of Finance, Funds and Regional Policy Tadeusz Kościński.

63% of Polish entrepreneurs consider leasing to be the most important source of financing business activities. A line of credit comes in second place and is important to more than half of SME companies (55%), followed by subsidies (49%).

This financing benefits from the support of the guarantee instrument – the Pan-European Guarantee Fund implemented by the European Investment Fund with the financial support of the Member States contributing to the Pan-European Guarantee Fund.

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