Digitization, new technologies, employee training and sustainable solutions. Interview with Krzysztof Proszowski, Chief Product Officer at the Impel Group

Digitization, new technologies, employee training and sustainable solutions. Interview with Krzysztof Proszowski, Chief Product Officer at the Impel Group

The Impel Group is a multi-product service provider, operating on the Polish market for almost 35 years. How are you developing your services?

The past few years we have been focusing on digitizing our services. The introduction of online applications has allowed us to not only effectively communicate with customers and provide transparent reporting, but also facilitate the collection and analysis of detailed data. All this translates into more efficient management of the services we provide to our clients. Importantly, digitization also applies to simple services, such as cleaning, security and technical service. The implementation of digital tools a few years ago was crucial from the point of view of handling the huge number of tasks faced by thousands of our employees responsible for providing services.

Digitization processes are, obviously, also present in the business process support services provided by Impel. We also use advanced digital tools in other areas of the Group’s operations, such as highly specialized services for industry. The designed digital platform improves and standardizes the hospital catering services provided by Impel. I can confidently say that in every area in which we support companies and institutions, digitalization is beginning to play a key role.

What technologies does Impel implement in its services?

The technological component is becoming more and more common in services and really complements the processes operated by our employees. The synergy of our employees’ activities with the latest technological solutions allows us to optimize resources while maintaining the high quality of services.

In the area of ​​technical protection, we design and deliver solutions using advanced analytics based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. AI is also implemented in autonomous machines used in cleaning services.

Implementing technology allows us to relieve our staff of simple, repetitive work. Thanks to this, we can take care of what is most valuable to a service outsourcer, i.e. the development of the competences of our employees.

Do your services include supporting clients in the area of ​​sustainable development?

This is an extremely important aspect for a service provider and that is why we have been working intensively in this area for several years. Our cleaning services are environmentally certified and we train employees in ecological technologies. We use solutions that significantly reduce water and electricity consumption, and we also use certified ecological cleaning products that we produce ourselves.

We look at this as a standard that demonstrates a sustainable approach, as well as quality that will meet the latest expectations of even the most demanding customer.

Krzysztof Proszowski, Member of the Management Board of Impel SA, Chief Product Officer at the Impel Group

Has been associated with the Impel Group for over 10 years. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Szczecin. He also completed post-graduate studies in Management and Marketing as well as Executive MBA in IT at the West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin. Since June 2022, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Impel SA, where he heads the Product Development Division.

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