Hydrogen trains in Poland are the future – Hubert Meronk, Siemens Mobility

January 19, 2022

From the beginning of January 2022. Hubert Meronk took over as CEO of Siemens Mobility in Poland, replacing Krzysztof Celiński, who is retiring after nearly ... Czytaj więcej

I would like an occupational physician to be one of the key persons in the health care system. Interview with Prof. Dr. Jolanta Walusiak-Skorupa, President of the Polish Society of Occupational Medicine

December 8, 2021

How can we use occupational medicine in connection with development of integrated approach to widely understood prevention? Do we in Poland make sufficient use of ... Czytaj więcej

STRABAG Group adopted a sustainable development strategy. Interview with Mr. Wojciech Trojanowski, member of STRABAG Management Board

December 1, 2021

You have been working for STRABAG since 1996. What can you say about infrastructure and construction development in Poland over the years? These are very ... Czytaj więcej

Agnieszka Hryniewiecka- Jachowicz, Director and Board Member of PINK Association: Delivering smart and CO2 neutral buildings is a challenge for the commercial real estate market

November 24, 2021

How was the Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estate established? What are the main activities of the Association? The PINK Association was created in 2016 ... Czytaj więcej

Our technologies are used in virtually all areas of the economy. Interview with Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka

October 25, 2021

Blulog is growing at a very high rate, across many industries. What is the key to such rapid growth? Our company brings together professionals from ... Czytaj więcej

Prof. Witold Orłowski, polish economist: The world has gone too far in lowering taxes for the rich

October 5, 2021

Christine Lagarde (IMF) conducts a radical critique of contemporary capitalism in her speeches. How to fix the contemporary model of capitalism? Who can carry out ... Czytaj więcej

A strong organization with a new strategy. Interview with Arkadiusz Brzostowski, Sales and Development Director of the KAZAR Group

July 14, 2021

After months full of uncertainty and surprises, customers are returning to shopping centers. In what condition is Kazar Group? The years 2020 and 2021 were ... Czytaj więcej

We want to invest in development. We talk with Till Jeske, President of the Board of VH Invest and Founder of Vortex Energy

July 9, 2021

Vortex Energy was founded in 2004, how do you recall the beginnings of your business? I founded the company together with my father. In 2004, ... Czytaj więcej

Polish railway speeds up. We talk with Dr. Jakub Majewski, President of the ProKolej Foundation

July 9, 2021

Nobody doubts that the world is moving faster and faster. It is not only the domain of today's travels, it is also a symbol of ... Czytaj więcej

Blockchain Technology at BIK. Interview with Andrzej Zduńczyk, Director of the Product Development Department at Biuro Informacji Kredytowej

July 8, 2021

BIK, which has operated in the Polish market for over 20 years and commonly associated as a financial institution, is, in fact, a modern IT ... Czytaj więcej

The future is hybrid working. Interview with Karolina Manikowska, Workplace Research&Consulting Department Director, Product Management Department Director, Nowy Styl

July 7, 2021

Nowy Styl has recently published a report titled “Workspace of tomorrow”, which presents a vision of an office ready to tackle the challenges the future brings. How ... Czytaj więcej