Favourable changes in guarantee programmes for companies

Smaller businesses and larger companies, which are interested in BGK guarantees, can get them under special terms also in 2021. The aid pack has been extended till 30 June and additionally part of the guarantees are available with more favorable terms. Bank Millennium offers financing secured with BGK guarantees. The application process makes use of digital channels and qualified signature with qualified timestamp.

In case of the de minimis guarantee programme (programme for micro, small and medium businesses) no fee for the first year of using the guarantee and 80% cover has been maintained until 30 June this year. Moreover the guarantee period has been extended to 75 months for a working capital loan and up to 120 months for an investment loan, and also the amount of a de minimis guarantee has been raised from 3,5 mln PLN to the equivalent of 1,5 mln EUR.

Liquidity guarantees for loans (programme for medium and large companies) sustain high coverage of up to 80%, a higher amount of the loan covered by the guarantee – up to 200 mln PLN as well as increased total amount of the guarantee – up to 250 mln PLN. Also the guarantee now may be used for loans in foreign currency.

As regards factoring liquidity guarantees, until 30 June 2021 the extended tenor of a factoring limit has been introduced – up to 24 months; moreover validity of the guarantees has been extended – up to 72 months.

More information about de minimis guarantees:

More information about loan liquidity guarantees:


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Last Updated on February 16, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska