Marcin Banacki appointed to the Management Board of Millennium Goodie

Marcin Banacki appointed to the Management Board of Millennium Goodie

On 16 March 2021 Marcin Banacki was appointed for the position of Member of the Management Board of Millennium Goodie.

Marcin Banacki has been employed in Bank Millennium Group for 15 years. The Management Board of Millennium Goodie shall be performing duties with an enlarged team of four members, remaining with their current functions: Wojciech Grudzień – Chairman of the Management Board as well as Beata Krupińska and Honorata Byczyńska – Members of the Management Board. Marcin Banacki shall be responsible for further development of the goodie app as well as of the user base.

Marcin Banacki is a graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, where he completed Information technology as well as Management and Marketing studies. He began working for Bank Millennium in the Applications Development Department as an IT Analyst, where he was involved with development of lending platforms for Millennium Group, implementing innovations in credit process management systems. From 2016 he was in charge of the goodie project, the aim of which was to create an innovative purchasing platform, as an internal start-up of Bank Millennium. He is now responsible for development of the goodie app, managing an interdisciplinary team of specialists in software and online services development.

– goodie is entering a new stage of development. Following the initial period, which is typical for start-ups, i.e. analysing, testing the market and defining development direction, today it already has a clear-cut action strategy and is entering the stage of its implementation and commercialisation of services. Recent months have brought-on dramatic growth of interest in cashback, the marketing business is developing and gift cards are becoming increasingly popular. This is why we decided to increase the Management Board from three to four persons and to focus on Management Board level to an even greater extent on business development and customer engagement, never ceasing to attach a lot of weight to areas involved with IT and communication – Antonio Pinto, Member of the Management Board of Bank Millennium, Member of the Supervisory Board of Millennium Goodie, said.

– I congratulate Marcin Banacki on his nomination to the Management Board of Millennium Goodie. This is a very good choice. Marcin has been with goodie from the very outset and his extensive experience in managing the development of our shopping platform as well as running comprehensive and large projects is a huge value for us. He is a high class specialist who knows his way in digital transformation and is spot-on in understanding market trends. His knowledge of the specific nature of application development with cloud-based solutions will support identification and use of synergies between goodie and Bank Millennium – Wojciech Grudzień, Chairman of the Management Board of Goodie, added.

– I am happy about my nomination to the Management Board of Millennium Goodie. I am honoured that in this capacity I will have the opportunity to be part of further development of the company and I thanks the Supervisory Board as well as the Management Board for having confidence in me. 2021 will be a very important year for goodie. The services provided on the platform, especially cashback and gift cards, are developing, which allows revenues to grow. More and more customers of Bank Millennium benefit from cashback, which towards the end of last year was launched as a value-added service in the mobile banking app. Moreover we are launching further paid advertising services on our platform. We are also pleased with the continuous growth of the number of users browsing our content provided on the platform. In 2021 it is our goal to keep this trend – Marcin Banacki said.


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