New Dobry Start application in Bank Millennium

New Dobry Start application in Bank Millennium

Already on 1 July Bank Millennium will give customers the opportunity to submit Dobry Start programme applications in the Millenet online banking system. This year the applications may be submitted only electronically and the benefit itself will only be paid by transfer to the bank account provided.

This year’s edition of the programme has brought some changes. Applications may only be submitted by electronic means. As every year it will be simple and intuitive in Bank Millennium’s Internet system. Just log on, fill-out the proper form under the MilleUrząd bookmark and confirm with an SMS P@ssword or approve it in the mobile app (depending on which authorisation method was chosen).

– We are happy that we can support parents in taking care of official business. They can use our website again to apply for the benefit in a convenient, fast and secure way. Apart from Dobry Start applications we also provide 500+ applications from the very beginning, as well as Trusted Profile, which enables submitting official applications remotely. Additionally we also offer products for children; for instance the recently launched version of our mobile app for children aged 7 and above, which teach saving and introduce kids to the world of finances from their youngest years – Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department of Bank Millennium, said.

The bank will send the application together with attachments to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), which has taken over processing of the benefit from this year. As a customer will receive confirmation (Urzędowe Poświadczenie Odbioru – Official Confirmation of Receipt) of filing the application. After the application has been submitted in Millenet, you can check its status in the Applications and agreements > Applications section. The PUE ZUS platform, to which you can log-on via electronic banking (Millenet), will provide information about the status of the submitted application. The PUE ZUS platform can also be used to make any corrections or to supplement the application.

Moreover the method of payment will also change. When filling-out the application you will have to provide the number of the bank account, to which the benefit is to be paid. It will not be possible – as was the case previously – to get it in cash or by postal money order. Only parents will be able to submit the applications by means of banking systems.

The benefit shall be paid within 2 months, counting from the day of submitting the application together with documents; in case of applications submitted together with documents in July or August, the right to the Dobry Start benefit as well as payment of the benefit shall be made no later than by 30 September.

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