Silver Agency – the first marketing communication agency in Poland for 50+ consumers

Silver Agency – the first marketing communication agency in Poland for 50+ consumers

Silver Agency was created as an answer to the needs of the advertising market and to provide marketing communication services addressed to 50+ consumers. “Connecting Generations” is a slogan which clearly defines the direction of cooperation between generations, exchange of experiences and joint activities for changes in creating messages aimed at mature people.

The trend of an aging society and the fact that today in Poland we have over 14 million people in the age over 50 (which means that even 45% of adult Poles are outside the traditional commercial group ending at the age of 49) was a strong impulse for the creation of the Silver Agency. To recall, the commercial group A16-49 was established more than two decades ago. Since then, the world and technology have moved forward, and the 50-year-old is now an extremely attractive consumer profile with a reliable shopping portfolio.

At Silver Agency, we think about the needs of our clients and their mature recipients, that’s why we know how to exactly reach the target group. We have a unique strategic approach and adapted media formats. We have data for study of the behavior and needs of people over 50, which will increase our effectiveness. We are sure that what we do helps in the perception of mature people in the marketing environment, but also in the way they function. We want to show that it is easier to describe consumers through the prism of their needs related to a more mature period of their lives, and not only their age – says Sebastian Kalmus, Managing Director of the Silver Agency.

Proper definition of the consumer’s needs, designing communication adapted to the style of functioning of a modern fifty or sixty-year-old is only half the battle. It is equally important to precisely define the consumer’s interest in our message and the appropriate selection of offline and online media. At Silver Agency, we provide such an approach in the “All for silver marketing” formula, tailored to the 50/60/70+ consumer profile. At the same time, we are intensifying work on creating completely unique solutions for communication to mature people, about which we will inform you soon.



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