Zortrax Dental SA to Debut on NewConnect Stock Exchange in Warsaw after a Crowdfunding Campaign

Zortrax Dental SA to Debut on NewConnect Stock Exchange in Warsaw after a Crowdfunding Campaign

Zortrax Dental S.A. has passed a resolution to launch the Initial Public Offering (IPO), and aims to raise capital for the development of modern 3D printers, printing materials and post-processing devices for the dental industry.      

Zortrax Dental S.A. – a company founded by Zortrax, the international leader in the 3D printing market, plans to strengthen its position in the segment of professional solutions for dentistry, orthodontics and prosthetics. Soon, it is to launch the first 3D printer dedicated directly to the dental industry made in cooperation of field experts with the most advanced technology and know-how of Zortrax. The company seeks to raise up to 1 million EUR from crowdfunding and start trading on the Warsaw’s NewConnect stock exchange with the first year of operation.

The growing demand for the services of dentists, orthodontists and prosthetists, resulting largely from the increasingly common malocclusion among the world population, causes a dynamic development of technology for the dental sector. Solutions such as 3D printing are becoming popular, which, while maintaining high precision, allows for quick creation of final products for doctors and patients: retention splints, crowns, bridges, implant models or prostheses.

Zortrax Dental S.A., building on Zortrax’s many years of experience and its research, production and logistics facilities, wants to acquire a significant position on the dental 3D printing market. In 2025, this market is expected to reach a value of approximately 930 million USD and forecasted to grow at a rate of 17% annually.

The founders of the company announced a crowdfunding issue worth up to 1 million EUR, will take place in the second quarter of 2021. The campaign will be promoted by Crowdway.pl crowd-investing platform. Within the first year of operation, Zortrax Dental S.A. plans to debut on the NewConnect stock market. The EGM has already passed a resolution on this matter.

The Strength of Zortrax Brand

Zortrax is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D printing solutions. In 2020 alone, the company sold its devices to 75 countries. In total, it has delivered over 30,000 printers and automatic smoothing devices to the global market. It operates through over 80 resellers and covers 6 continents. Currently, the company is in the process of entering the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Zortrax creates solutions for both professionals and people who are just gaining experience with 3D printing. So far, the company has successfully commercialized 7 different devices that can be combined with each other to create scalable additive manufacturing systems. The application available in the cloud allows you to remotely manage individual 3D printers or entire 3D printing farms. The company also supplies high-class filaments and resins that are equivalent to toners in 2D printers.

Zortrax is synonymous with professional 3D printing in Poland and in the world. For years, we have been introducing innovations that became gold standards for the industry. The 3D printing market for dentistry is growing rapidly, so we take appropriate actions to meet the demand. The creation of a dedicated company for the dental industry is one of the pillars of Zortrax’s strategy of growth and diversification of activities in the coming years. We want to go public quickly and, as part of the pre-IPO, we will seek to gather some of the capital for Zortrax Dental through crowdfunding. We want to secure the production of our new, specialized dental 3D printer, which is in the final testing phase. – says Mariusz Babula, Vice President of the Zortrax Management Board. 

The First Polish Dental 3D Printer

The dental market is one of the key markets in which Zortrax has gained experience. So far, laboratories and doctors have used the Zortrax Inkspire device, which is based on an innovative technology of hardening photopolymers layer by layer using light emitted by a high-resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlight.

Currently, work is underway on a new Zortrax 3D printer made specifically for digital dentistry. It will be presented under the new Zortrax Dental brand. The device was created in cooperation with industry experts and practitioners. It is a completely new solution that benefits from many improvements compared to previous Zortrax printers and is exceptionally precise.  

In addition to the new 3D printer, Zortrax Dental S.A. will offer the entire ecosystem including dental, prosthetic and biocompatible resins, as well as bespoke software.

A 3D printer is an indispensable piece of equipment in every modern dental or prosthetic laboratory. Automated digital dentistry systems allow to handle more patients without compromising the quality of services. This is the future of dentistry, as can be seen from the speed with which the market is developing. At Zortrax Dental, we have sufficient experience and technology to compete with other global manufacturers of 3D printing solutions for dentistry. – says Małgorzata Misiewicz, President of the Management Board of Zortrax Dental S.A.

Over the past decade, the dental industry has been revolutionized by 3D printing. Printing is done in both dental labs and prosthetics workshops, bringing a new level of speed and ease compared to old procedures. Photopolymer 3D printers can print crowns, bridges or surgical guides from biocompatible resins. Casting resins can be used to print patterns used in casting dental metals. It is predicted that the popularization of 3D printing in dentistry, and its dominance over time, will revolutionize this industry, enabling the introduction of new products and further development of the existing ones.

Zortrax’s research shows that the global dentistry market will be worth nearly 70 billion USD by the end of 2024. The market of modern orthodontic appliances alone, which can be made on 3D printers, has a chance to reach the value of almost 6.75 billion USD by the end of 2023.

The potential of 3D printing has yet to be fully realized, and the forecasts for its development in the dental industry are very optimistic, which should be of interest to investors. We are glad that we will be able to promote the crowdfunding campaign of Zortrax Dental S.A. Zortrax is one of the technology leaders in Poland and in the world, which is why it is a great honor for us. – says Marcel Rowiński, Chief Operating Officer at Crowdway.

More information about Zortax Dental S.A. can be found at https://www.crowdway.pl/zortrax-dental/



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