Diamonds in all the colours of the rainbow

Diamonds in all the colours of the rainbow

Uniqueness is their trademark. In every aspect of their business, they escape obvious schemes and surprise. Do they aspire to be the most luxurious jewellery brand in Poland? Or perhaps the most innovative? We talk to Łukasz Rosikoń, CEO of Diamentum.

You create jewellery exclusively with natural diamonds. Are they not colourless?

This is the question we hear most often (laughs). Of course, the ‘transparent’ ones are the most commonly used in jewellery and therefore known to the widest audience, but the world of diamonds offers an extremely rich palette of colours: from yellow, through orange and green, red, blue and even black. Coloured diamonds, expertly referred to as ‘fancy diamonds’, are extremely rare in nature, and although there are no exact quantitative data on the pattern of mining of the different colours in the world, it is known that for every 1,000ct of colourless diamonds mined, there is only 1ct of coloured diamonds. Some even report 1ct per 10,000ct. Imagine what a small amount that is!
The Fancy Color Research Foundation (an independent non-governmental organisation that researches and oversees the fancy diamond market) reports that only 3% of the diamonds that reach the world’s certification laboratories at all are coloured diamonds.

It is not a large numer, indeed. But I would imagine that since they are a natural resource, and to that sparse in number, at some point their deposits may become completely depleted and then the supply on the market will start to decrease?

In fact, their supply on the market is already quite limited, and over time, with the deplation of more deposits around the world, it will become less and less until it reaches a situation where they will be available only on the secondary market. I am convinced that if no diamond mining company manages to find new deposits of good quality pink diamonds in the near future, our grandchildren will have no chance to buy jewellery with these beautiful stones from a jeweller ever again. Today, however, this translates directly into their ever-increasing popularity among customers appreciating totally unique jewellery, but also investors seeking safe and in addition, physical assets.

Are you saying, that fancy diamonds are a good investment idea?

Of course! In Poland still niche and not very popular yet, but in countries such as e.g. the Arab Emirates, the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, Asian countries, more and more people appreciate the investment qualities of diamonds, and those coloured ones – the rarest, even more so.

Why is it different in Poland?

It is a question of education and trust. Education is what we lack the most here in the country, and consequently Polish investors do not have enough reliable knowledge of the market and therefore avoid the unknown. In order to make a good decision on what to “put your money into” so that it will bring you a profit, you first need to get known the subject throughly, know what factors drive it, weigh up the pros and cons, estimate the risks, and then…trust. It is the same with investments in diamonds, which is why we often bring up the subject in our daily work – on the website, in conversations with our customers, because it is worth emphasising, that today diamond jewellery, especially such unique jewellery as ours, is even a better investment than in loose stones. You will probably ask why.
Because it is a product of exceptional qualities, that cannot be valued on the basis of a generally accepted price list: it emphasises social status, adds prestige, decorates, is an investment in human relations and, what is very important in these crazy times – it is a valuable heirloom for future generations.

Right, jewellery. Where did the idea for Diamentum come from in the first place?

The process of creating the brand as it is today was a three-step process. The first step was my passion for diamonds, which was born while running an investment business. And the consequence of this passion was the thought of creating a jewellery brand with character and distinction. I dreamt of creating a Polish luxury brand because we have everything necessary to compete even with foreign brands without complexes. Moreover, I like to walk the unbeaten paths in life and business. This is how Diamenter was established – we operated under this name for the first year and a half of our activity. During that time we gained invaluable experience (both in terms of the functioning of the diamond jewellery market in Poland, customers’ expectations and even various interesting technological and marketing solutions), which led us to the idea of rebranding and also a certain modification in the functioning of our brand. And so, since October this year, we have been operating in a new shape, with the Diamentum logo.

Are you a brand just for women, or will men also find something for themselves at Diamentum?

We create jewellery for everyone, regardless of gender. And I would like to add right away, that it is made to individual customer’s order, which means that each piece is unique. We are extremely proud of this, because not only every diamond is one of a kind, but behind each piece of jewellery stands an original design by one of our designers. We are only limited by our own imagination and the customer’s preference.

Sounds great, but you also have a collection of rings that can be bought off the shelf.

This is true. And these products are also unique. We have made most of the jewels in one piece only, and we have included a short audio story with the history of its creation for each model. We thought this would be a nice touch for our customers. We are currently working on expanding the boutique range to include models other than rings.

Earlier you said ‘one of our designers’ , does that mean you collaborate with many?

Yes. We are very keen on giving our customers not only the highest quality jewellery, but also to continually delight them. Because diamond jewels, after all, are an unusual product, we don’t buy them unreflectively like bread rolls in the morning. It is always associated with strong, beautiful emotions and it is our job to show and evoke these emotions. That’s why, by working with a wide variety of talented artists, and I must point out, including foreign ones, we give our clients a vastly diverse perspective on a given project. And to give expression to this, in case of every order as many as three different designers present their sketches, so that the customers can decide for themselves which one they like best and which design we will finally bring to life.

You are probably the only jewellery brand in Poland that has taken the jewellery design process to such a level….

I will immodestly say that this is true indeed, as I know of no other jewellery brand that operates in a similar way. It is all about making sure that not only the jewellery-the final product, is unique, but the experience at the interface between our brand and the customer is also very special. And for this reason, we went one step further in the design subject. This step is definitely inspired by the times we live in and the new possibilities that today’s world gives us. Well, we are the first jewellery brand in Poland, if not in the world, that intends to use AI to create new jewels designs. To be more specific, one of our designers will be Charlie – the robot that, on a par with our ‘human’ artists, will prepare sketches of rings, earrings, bracelets, etc., that will later become physical jewellery worn by our customers. I must admit, that this is an idea that is alreadyreceiving a great curiosity and a fantastic response. We ohnestly can’t wait for the work on this project to be finally completed and for Charlie to join our team.

Wow – here you got me, I must admit (laughs)! Do you have more such innovative solutions?

To be honest, yes (laughs). I’m very proud that we can offer our clients such an original form of contact with us, such as a luxurious virtual Viproom. We worked on this solution for a long time, but it was worth it. It is very convenient, because without leaving your home you meet our expert. You can ask any question you are interested in, talk about your dream jewellery design, order a ready-made gem or even choose specific diamonds for your desired earrings. All in a very elegant and discreet atmosphere. AI’s capabilities really are superb.

I don’t know what to say! It turns out, that jewellery shopping can be an exciting adventure today! Just does this virtual world of AI solutions, which is undoubtedly your huge competitive advantage, suit all the customers? You know, there are probably people, who prefer traditional face-to-face contact, they feel safer because of it. After all, luxury diamond jewellery is not a small expense, so credibility and security are the cornerstones of customer’s confidence.

You are right. At Diamentum, we take a very strict approach to the issue of safety, and therefore the credibility of our brand. Firstly, we only purchase from trusted and verified suppliers. Secondly, we check all the diamonds on a specialised piece of equipment made available to us by our partner in Antwerp. Thirdly, every central diamond (starting from 0.2 ct) is certified by one of the three leading gemological institutes in the world (IGI, GIA or HRD).
But again, we have gone a step further in terms of security and for those customers who would like to be able to meet with us live, we provide a unique Concierge service. And what’s more, we always deliver orders in person, to the customer’s own hands, what by the way, makes often a great opportunity for us to have interesting conversations with our clients (laughs).

It seems, that Diamentum is a brand that could conquer foreign markets without any complexes. Do you have plans to do so?

Diamentum was created with the Polish market in mind and it is where we intend to develop our business in the nearest future. But we do not dismiss any scenarios, including expansion abroad, because we are constantly full of ideas (laughs).

So what do you wish for yourself?

Probably only that the deposits of fancy diamonds are not depleted for a long time to come, so that we can keep doing what we are so passionate about.

That’s what I wish you then and thank you for a very inspiring talk.

Thank you for having me.

Łukasz Rosikoń – CEO of Diamentum brand

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