MilleFlota i.e. maintenance services for smaller fleets from Millennium Leasing

In a joint effort with MOTO Flota, Millennium Leasing offered smaller businesses MOTO Flota programme i.e. maintenance services so far available only for big fleets. This is the only such proposal on the market. Predictability of costs, fixed prices and discounts, guarantee of service quality or cashless settlements are the key assumptions of MilleFlota programme.

Increasingly more companies, also these without large fleets of vehicles, are starting to see the need for diligent selection of maintenance services. Management of maintenance services for company vehicles up to 3.5 t is often a challenge, not only in terms of costs but also in terms of logistics. In such situation, solutions like MilleFlota may come as support for companies.

– MilleFlota is a proposal whereby we can offer our clients access to maintenance services and repairs at attractive prices, so far available only to the biggest fleets. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we have created a service that allows efficient car servicing, which is of key importance for operation of company vehicles – says Agnieszka Kozakiewicz, Member of the Management Board of Millennium Leasing. – Selection of a solid partner was key in this project. We know that cooperation with MOTO Flota is a guarantee of not only the highest quality, but also flexibility and innovative approach – she adds.

Millennium Leasing customers who use MilleFlota, receive access to purchases of parts and maintenance services at attractive – consistent throughout Poland – prices with fleet discount, also in authorised service stations. They control costs easily, paying only for what they actually order. The calculations of company MOTO Flota of April 2021 may serve as an example, taking into account MOTs, replacement of brake discs and brake pads for a vehicle up to 3.5 t. For the said services, at market prices, client would incur the total cost of approx. 7.5 thous. PLN. In MilleFlota programme, client will pay (depending on the selected option) approx. 6 thous. PLN at authorised service stations or approx. 2.6 thous. PLN when not using authorised service stations.

– Along with MilleFlota programme, company receives also service quality guarantee as well as flexibility in selection of a convenient option. A material benefit, rarely met in the case of cooperation with lessors, is the possibility to optimise the costs by using non-ASS stations during the lease contract – underscores Agnieszka Kozakiewicz.

In the programme, Millennium Leasing clients can use car service provided on a cashless basis by MOTO Flota all over Poland. Additionally, users get access to the convenient MOTO Flota Manager system. It allows a car’s service history to be viewed online and permits ordering services and reporting service costs. A unique part of the programme is the call centre providing advisory services for management of even a small fleet of vehicles and technical advisory allowing verification of the scope of services and delivery times offered by experienced consultants.

MilleFlota programme is already available for Millennium Leasing Clients. The car maintenance agreement and the benefits involved are part and parcel of the lease offering. The programme will be gradually developed and supplemented with subsequent elements ensuring comfortable use of leasing.


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