Four questions to ask when creating a chatbot

  1. What area of business activity do you need to automate?

We have created the technology that allows automating conversations with different customers or employees groups.

  • Player and TVN24GO platforms are of great interest to users, and this translates into the need for prompt customer service. The launch of chatbots to support users has been a natural step in our development. This way we can respond even more effectively to the needs of our fans, says Grzegorz Przywara, Customer Care Director,
  1. What is the problem to solve? 

Chatbots solve real problems, they can sell, inspire and encourage. It is worth setting priorities and then deciding on the first step.

  • We started our preparations by looking at worldwide solutions to automate user service. This has greatly stimulated our craving for innovation. It was only the KODA Bots team that made our visions come true. We engaged in many long, sincere discussions. We already knew that we had to start with a simple concept and then start building more complex solutions, recalls Grzegorz Przywara, Customer Care Director,
  1. What business results do you want to achieve?

Efficiently automated processes increase performance in various business areas:

HR & internal communication: with a chatbot on the Jeronimo Martins employee portal, the helpline staff receives by 40-50 percent fewer recurring queries; 

Customer service: the chatbot handles up around 60 percent of enquiries from TVN Player users

E-commerce: increase in sales of ancillary services in the online store thanks to the chatbot used in the shopping cart.

  1. Is integration into company systems necessary? 

We develop the integration process together with the customer who guides us into their systems, CRM and databases. To facilitate the process, we have created an open platform for automation.

  • The API interface allows the chatbot to communicate with databases and is, in my opinion, essential for the full use of this tool. Thanks to it, the chatbot “knows” who it is talking to and can effectively help in resolving the reported case. The employee then receives not only general information, but above all the information that interests him most, e.g. the decision of the social commission on the financial assistance granted – says Marcin Rybicki, Digital Communication Manager, Jeronimo Martins Polska.


Mariusz Pełechaty, CEO KODA Bots

Last Updated on February 22, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska