Fujitsu leads the way in workplace transformation

Fujitsu leads the way in workplace transformation

Fujitsu was recognized as a leader in workplace service management in Europe in 2021 as part of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in the “Ability To Execute” category. The brand has been awarded this title for the fifth year in a row.

For the fifth year in a row, the Fujitsu brand is recognized as a leader on the European market in the Magic Quadrant – Managed Workplace Service report in the “Ability To Execute” category. Gartner emphasizes the importance of solutions aimed at transforming the workplace, pointing out that the task of leaders is to provide services and tools, the creation of which is preceded by a perfect understanding of the requirements that companies face. The report also indicated that the leaders skillfully deliver services, have a clear vision of the direction in which the market is headed, and actively build their competences, thus strengthening their outstanding position.

Recognizing the Fujitsu brand as a leader in workplace transformation honors the global portfolio of Fujitsu Work Life Shift solutions, where we offer our clients tools that respond to the needs of the labor market. Granting such a distinction confirms that we have chosen the right course, where we focus on the effectiveness of employees and the high comfort of their work – says Michał Grzegorzewski, Head of Solution Architects and Services Delivery, Fujitsu Poland.

The above-mentioned Fujitsu Work Life Shift is based on three main assumptions: intelligent work, offices without borders and change of culture. Each of the mentioned pillars is to guide new solutions introduced in intelligent, modern and digitized workplaces.

In the first assumption – intelligent work – among the most important technologies used, it is worth paying attention to artificial intelligence and task automation. The goal is to relieve employees from monotonous, repetitive activities for the benefit of creative tasks. The task of solutions created with this in mind is to increase the productivity and efficiency of employees.

An office without borders includes solutions that encourage greater collaboration between employees or teams, support them in their creative tasks, and enable greater workplace mobility. The task of the technologies used within this field is to create solutions that will help employees maintain constant efficiency of work both in the office and outside it, which is especially important nowadays during the pandemic.

Within the third pillar – change of culture – all the technologies that increase the comfort of work, guarantee good working conditions and safety for employees can be distinguished.

The value of the Fujitsu brand is appreciated not only by customers but has also been recognized by the Infrastructure and Operations leadership of the UK government organization. Gartner Peer Insights mentioned: Fujitsu was very active in supporting companies during the crisis caused by the pandemic, changing typical processes to adapt them to the remote working model.

The confirmation of these conclusions is also the fact that Fujitsu introduced new and extended automation tools, such as SelfOSS, over the last year, thus reducing the need for direct contact.

It is also very important for us to strengthen the links between investments in new technologies, innovative solutions and business value. At Fujitsu, we make sure that the systems and solutions we offer perfectly meet the business needs of our clients. We adapt our portfolio to the dynamically changing market and business needs, thus ensuring the highest level of work comfort and cost optimization – says Michał Grzegorzewski, Head of Solution Architects and Services Delivery, Fujitsu Poland.

In its latest report, Gartner assessed 17 service providers in Europe that offer both traditional outsourcing and new digital workplace services.


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