Cushman & Wakefield Poland named “Investor in human capital 2021”

Global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield has received the certificate “Investor in Human Capital 2021”, awarded based on an employee satisfaction and engagement survey.

The Investor in Human Capital (Inwestor w Kapitał Ludzki) accreditation is designed for all institutions, companies and their subsidiaries operating in Poland that think responsibly about the development of employee skills and their entire organisations. The basis is a rigorous, independent employee survey. To be awarded an Investor in Human Capital trademark emblem, a company is required to score at least 70% in the survey. The program is conducted by an independent research firm Experience Institute and surveys have been carried out since 2006.

The Investor in Human Capital 2021 rating for Cushman & Wakefield was 76%, well above the required threshold for accreditation. The company scored at least 71% in all the required areas. The survey covered such areas as: overall employee satisfaction, engagement, relations, skills and the employee as an ambassador.

Cushman & Wakefield topped in two areas: the Employee as an Ambassador (82%) and Engagement (81%). Compared to the results of the 2020 winners, it performed particularly well for Relations (communication and collaboration). It stands out strongly against the winners of the 2020 program with its high ratings for the efficiency of internal communication and satisfaction with its equipment and systems. As many as 88% of the surveyed employees of Cushman & Wakefield believe that their company delivers high client service standards.

“The people with whom we pursue our business strategy and create a workplace built on trust, respect and diversity represent the greatest asset and strength of our organisation. We are very pleased with the rating we achieved in the last survey, but it also shows that building a workplace of the future is a continuous process and calls for a constant, proactive approach from our HR team and managers. It is a great satisfaction for us to know that a vast majority of our employees enjoy good relations with their colleagues (95%), feel respected by their immediate superiors (95%) and would readily recommend our services to their friends (87%),” says Anna Trochim, Head of HR Poland, Cushman & Wakefield.

“The high score for relations is confirmation that despite the challenging pandemic times we have been able to take care of this strategic area and to correctly define and address the needs of our employees for communication and collaboration,” adds Eliza Bingül, Head of Digital & Corporate Communications CEE, Cushman & Wakefield.


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