Flexibility in the cosmos – interplanetary travels are the new reality on the labour market. A webinar of Cushman & Wakefield

Flexibility in the cosmos – interplanetary travels are the new reality on the labour market. A webinar of Cushman & Wakefield

Gravity got switched off on the labour market in March 2020, which had serious repercussions for employees who having previously been bound to the Earth, that is in-office work, had to navigate the new reality and embark on a solo journey in their own spaceship or, in other words, home. Experts of Cushman & Wakefield talked about the length of time employees could hold on far away from the Earth and whether gravity would ever return to the labour market during their webinar “The Workplace Without Gravity”.

The pandemic has brought a radical disruption to working patterns. During a webinar hosted by global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield on 11 March 2021 experts likened the new work reality to the outer space. Newly-discovered possibilities of working remotely will not rule out in-office presence which fosters social bonding in the workplace. As a result, experts believe that it is this mix of in-office and remote work that will dominate in the future.

-Employees were excited during the first leg of their solo journey in their spacecraft. The vision of continuing this work model became less appealing over time and employees began to long for being back in the office. The change of the work model and, consequently, of the perspective made it clear to employees that other planets such as coworking spaces, cafés, shopping centres and other more exotic places previously seen as just holiday destinations were all within their reach. Interplanetary travels will become our new reality on the labour market, – says Aleksander Szybilski, Head of Workplace Strategy, Cushman & Wakefield.

Experts’ forecasts have also been confirmed by research including Gensler’s survey which has revealed that only 12% of workers want to work from home full-time. A vast majority, or close 70%, preferred the ‘interplanetary’ model, which combines remote and in-office work.

The meeting was held as an informal discussion chaired by Jan Szulborski, Senior Consultant, Consulting & Research. The participants of the webinar included Aleksander Szybilski, Head of Workplace Strategy, Mariola Bitner, Associate, Project & Development Services, and Piotr Capiga, Associate, Office Agency.

The recording of the webinar is available at: RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR


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