Renovation of the tracks in Będzin and Sosnowiec is about to end

Renovation of the tracks in Będzin and Sosnowiec is about to end

The renovation of the track, which is troublesome for the residents, will soon go down in history. Instead, passengers and drivers will be able to enjoy a more comfortable and safe traveling experience. The reconstruction in Sosnowiec is about to end. A bit later, around the middle of this year, the renovation in Będzin will be completed.

The investment of Tramwaje Śląskie was divided into two tasks. The first one concerns the section of the tram track in Będzin along Małobądzka Street – from Czeladzkie Roundabout to the border with Sosnowiec, and the second part covers the section in Sosnowiec – from the border with Będzin to the Będzińska terminal, along with the terminal and turnouts, as well as along Będzińska from Zagłębie Dąbrowskiego Street to Staropogońska Street. Both tasks are performed by a consortium of companies experienced in the industry and known to Tramwaje Śląskie: NDI from Sopot. Despite the delays caused by difficulties encountered during the implementation of works, the final results will be visible soon.

“In Sosnowiec, we only need to perform track tamping and the necessary adjustments to the elements of the track and overhead line system, explains Tomasz Kusaj, Site Manager from the NDI group. ”The entire scope of works there included approximately 2.4 km of a single track with the assembly of 10 tram turnouts, the construction of four pedestrian crossings and the reconstruction of the overhead line system along the entire section.”

Those riding trams in Będzin must remain patient a little longer. So far, around 4.2 kilometres of single track have been made there. In addition to the classic track, the project also covers the construction of nine pedestrian crossings, three road crossings, twelve stop platforms and the reconstruction of the overhead line system along the entire section.

“Currently, works are carried out on the last, alternating traffic section of the track with a length of approximately 1.5 km of a single track. The works are carried out with the use of temporary turnouts and passing signalling, which enable alternating tram traffic on the adjacent track, says Marcin Wawrzacz, Project Director from the NDI Group.

After the completion of this section, we will only need to carry out the reconstruction of the track at the “Nerka” intersection and short sections of the track after the dismantling of temporary turnouts – a total of approx. 300 metres of track. The completion of all works is scheduled for June 30, 2021.

Originally, it was planned that the renovation will be shorter, but due to a number of collisions and implementation problems, the schedule had to be changed. In the course of the renovation it turned out, among other things, that it is necessary to strengthen the subsoil with a layer of the foundation stabilised with a binder, remove the slag sinter layer, as well as introduce design changes in the scope of the level and cants of the track and the track structure on certain sections (caused by collisions and other terrain conditions). During the works, a number of previously unplanned opencasts, analyses, tests and expert opinions had to be made.

The task is not easy also because the works are carried out while maintaining active tram traffic. The works are carried out on one track while maintaining the alternating traffic along the adjacent track, on which trams move alternately in both directions.

The total value of the investment is PLN 61.8 million gross.



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