Choosing office furniture in line with sustainability principles

In times of the pandemic we want to be environment-friendly more than ever before. When buying product for yourself and your family, you want to know their components and origin. What if you applied the same criteria when choosing office furniture?

So far the manufacturers offered products with a variety of certificates. However, it was difficult to compare them, because most of such certificates covered only a few selected aspects of sustainable development and often referred only to the products. This is where FEMB Level comes in – a general European sustainability certification system for the office furniture industry. What makes Level different from other programs is the accreditation which makes the outcome of the certification process and the product quality highly reliable, and enables an actual comparison.

Within the scope of the Level certification, a product is a lens through which the whole organisation is viewed, along with all its production processes. This is the most versatile sustainability standard for office furniture, that’s why when implementing new products, we made sure they were Level-compliant. We would like to reach Level 3 and achieve the top evaluation. We are now in the final stage of the process – says Roman Przybylski, member of the Nowy Styl board.

The Level audit and certification cover not only the choice of materials for the products and the production process itself, but also the company’s social responsibility, energy consumption and the impact of the chemicals used in the production on the environment and people. This is a declaration that our company is acting in a responsible way in all aspects.


Nowy Styl

Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Łukasz