Bank Millennium will reduce CO2 emissions by another 500 tons per year thanks to lighting from Signify

Bank Millennium as Climate Leader Poland 2021 has undertaken another environmental initiative, which aims at reducing CO2 emissions. Thanks to cooperation with Signify (previously Philips Lighting) an upgrade was made of lighting in HQ office space, thus reducing related power consumption by 54% and raising work comfort.

Actions for the environment are an integral part of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of Bank Millennium, which undertakes many initiatives to limit or eliminate negative influence on the natural environment. One of the recent initiatives of Bank Millennium – Climate Leader according to a ranking by Forbes – was an upgrade of the lighting system in Bank Millennium’s head office. Partnering this next environmental initiative of Bank Millennium was Signify.

– This was a significant 2020 environmental project carried out in the bank’s head office. In result approx. 12 000 conventional lighting fixtures were replaced with modern LED equivalents, which will use 54% less electricity. This saves us more than 677 MWh of electricity and allows C02 emissions to be reduced by close to 500 tons1. This is like eliminating the impact of more than 166 cars2 or saving more than 21 777 trees3. Moreover the upgrade improved lighting quality in the office area for 2 700 people, thus improving work comfort, well-being and effectiveness of employeesWeronika Paksoy from the Administration and Infrastructure Department of Bank Millennium, said.

– We are very pleased that we could support Bank Millennium in such strong reduction of CO2 emissions by replacing the existing conventional lighting infrastructure with new LED technology and at the same time help reduce the electricity bill. As a company with sustainable development and low emissions in our operational DNA, it is extremely important that thanks to our lighting systems other companies can become more environmentally friendly and reap tangible benefits and savingsTomasz Książek, Vice-President and Sales Director of Signify Poland.

Assisting with the project was MasterLightService, a long-standing partner of Signify. MLS co-authored the lighting design and played an active part in each stage of its implementation.

Actions for CO2 reduction are a major priority for Bank Millennium. For almost a decade the bank has been monitoring and publishing data regarding carbon dioxide emission levels.

In the “Climate Leaders Poland 2021” ranking published by the Forbes magazine, Bank Millennium was the top-scoring bank, coming second among Polish companies on the list regarding reduction of greenhouse gases. The List of Polish Climate Leaders is the first such report in the history of the Polish edition of the Forbes magazine. The ranking was created by calculating the annual accumulated rate of reduction of greenhouse gases (CARR), adjusted with revenues. Bank Millennium came second on the list among all participating companies in Poland, with a result of 34% of annual reduction of emissions intensity. The data, on which the Forbes “Climate Leaders Poland 2021” ranking is based, are taken from Bank Millennium’s 2018 and 2019 Non-financial Report. They were analysed in-depth by specialists from the Statista company.

More about Bank Millennium’s pro-environment activities is available in the Bank’s Non-financial Report;

Signify announced carbon dioxide atmospheric emission neutrality and for three consecutive years (2017-2019) was the industry leader in “Electrical Components & Equipment” category of the 2019 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) report. In 2020 for the second time in a row it was also the number one in the Industrial Output category of the 14th Ranking of Responsible Companies organised by Koźmiński Business Hub with cooperation of the Responsible Business Forum.

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2Source of calculations DEFRA 2019
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