Bank Millennium with best customer reviews in Poland

Bank Millennium with best customer reviews in Poland

In the latest release of Banks Ranking – Customer’s Choice by BANK Financial Monthly, Bank Millennium came first. The ranking reflects votes of respondents who were evaluating banks in no less than 16 categories.

The jurors of the 25th Banks Ranking by the BANK Financial Monthly 2020 were 1459 respondents, representing the full spectrum of the Polish society. The survey participants were evaluating particular areas of activity of financial institutions as well as products offered by them. The general classification was won by Bank Millennium.

– We are focusing all our activities on customers, this is why we are particularly pleased that customers appreciated the efforts of Bank Millennium in this year, which was extremely difficult for all of us. Respondents gave us highest scores in 5 categories: Recommended by clients, Loyalty, Cost assessment, Quality of remote service and Quality of branches, while altogether we were among the top three in as many as 13 out of 16 competition categories. We can react very quickly to customers’ needs, deliver best products, an attractive offering and keep the best quality of service irrespective of circumstances, additionally ensuring a sense of safety. Additionally an important conclusion from the survey is the fact that the whole banking sector enjoys high trust. In fact results show that more than 80% respondents think the financial institution, services of which they use, is worthy of recommendation. Thus I also congratulate the other banks for having together passed the test of customer trust – João Bras Jorge, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium, commented.

The assessment of costs of banking services this year was particularly harsh, yet respondents decided that the offering of Bank Millennium is the most favourable one in this respect. Bank Millennium also scored highest in a category, which is very important during the pandemic, such as Quality of remote service as well as adapting branches to customers’ expectations – Quality of branches. Moreover it was also first in the Referrals category as well as Customer Loyalty.

Survey participants also evaluated the banks in such categories as: Current accounts, Savings products, Cashless payments, Credit products, Internet banking, Mobile app, Quality of service in a branch, Sense of safety, Advertising campaigns, Social activity, Brand strength. In most categories respondents scored banks on the school scale of 1 – 6 points. In a few cases scores were on a scale of 5 points, reflecting the respondent’s attitude to a particular matter – from “Definitely yes” to “Definitely no”. In order to calculate the total score a weight from 0.5 to 3.0 was assigned to each category.

Survey details are available in the January issue of the Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK (Bank Financial Monthly).


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