Diversity as a means to achieve profit. Comments by Robert Kasprzak, the managing director of the Product Management Department in BGK

In our actions we are driven not only by the profit, but, first of all, by the mission. Through our agency, companies and local authorities receive significant amounts from both the EU and national programmes for the development of innovation, improvement of energy efficiency, tourism development, revitalisation and housing. Throughout 2019, we generated over PLN 88 billion in support for the economy, and, at the same time, generated PLN 511.2 million in net profit, which means an increase of PLN 65.9 million as compared to the previous year.

We achieve good financial results not only by delivering a number of investment projects and supporting various economic entities. Diversity is important to us also in the context of the principles we follow in the workplace. We know that equal treatment policy and diversity management does bring benefits and contributes to the development and innovation of organisations. For this reason, we take steps aimed at ensuring staff diversity through, e.g., such regulations, as an anti-mobbing procedure or promotion of appropriate values and “Respect in the workplace” workshops.

Variety is manifested also in enterprises’ CSR activity. It is now common practice in companies to promote employment and employees’ sense of safety. These principles are particularly important to us during the coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, we do notice that an increasing number of companies in their business operations recognise the social-environmental and economic interdependencies in the economy. A good example of how we are beginning to respect these interdependencies is the approach to investment financing and the use of the ESG mechanism, i.e. the corporate social responsibility rating to promote sustainable development. In 2019, as part of a consortium with four banks, we granted a socially responsible loan to Energa SA Group. The Polish energy company will earmark the funds received for, among other things, development of RES generation capacity.

We are happy to promote and join initiatives that embrace environmental aspect. We are also pleased by the market‘s growing interest in social responsibility and diversity in the workplace. We believe that we achieve real profit only by respecting social and environmental interests.

Last Updated on January 27, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska