Golden Banker – Bank Millennium with the best mortgage loan and on the podium in multi-channel service quality

In this year’s edition of the Golden Banker ranking, Bank Millennium mortgage loan was recognised as the best on the Polish market. Bank Millennium reached the podium also in the main category “Golden Bank – the best multi-channel service quality” and was distinguished for project support within corporate social responsibility.

According to the organizers of the ranking, Bank Millennium won in most of the analyzed areas in the “Mortgage loan” category. The jury composed of experts from, Puls Biznesu and made their assessment on the basis of several dozen variables from such categories as cost, flexibility, e-service and availability, taking into account different client profiles.

In 2020, the Bank launched the mortgage digitisation project. A number of enhancements were introduced, from remote credit holidays application functionality for clients who had difficulties in repaying their loans due to the pandemic, to numerous improvements to the loan origination process. The list of documents accepted in electronic format was extended, the functionality to sign payment instructions with a qualified signature was introduced, mortgage application status checks in the mobile application and website service, remote use of the bank’s support in getting appraisal report and acceptance of online inspection of the appraised property. Also sms confirmation functionality was provided for loan information applications.

In the main category “Golden Bank – the best multi-channel service quality” the winners were selected on the basis of a survey run by Kantar Polska and, which verified the multi-channel service quality in 14 banks. Auditors visited approx. 900 branches, opened 84 personal accounts with online and mobile banking activation, made 1000 remote contacts with banks. Approach to clients, ability to identify their needs and the overall quality of service were evaluated. All access channels were assessed, with special emphasis on remote options.

In the opinion of the organizers of the competition, the bank was just short of second place. The bank’s commitment and diligence in customer service were appreciated. It was emphasized that Bank Millennium is one of the banks that deal very well with multi-channel approach, the involvement of employees from all contact channels was highly rated, and the Bank Millennium Hotline was the highest of all banks. The very good evaluation of the remote account opening process was also emphasized.

Such high scores in the Golden Banker confirm what we believe in. Quality is part of Bank Millennium DNA and we always aim higher in this respect. All of our efforts are focused on customer satisfaction and delivery of the best customer experience possible. We have been extremely pleased with the awards received during the difficult time of the pandemic. These are awards for all the employees of Bank Millennium as they have been the effect of the efforts made by many people and teams. Each of them has a very big impact on shaping customer experience, both by direct service and in the back office – says Jorge Bras Jorge, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium.

Bank Millennium was also distinguished by internet users, taking the second place in the “Socially Sensitive Bank” category for supporting the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival and the unique Docs Against Isolation online event.

While supporting the festival, the Bank wants to share it with the widest possible audience. In 2020, when the pandemic broke out, nobody knew whether the festival could take place. However, the organisers adjusted to the new reality very fast. Even before the festival began, they had made the DOCS AGAINST ISOLATION event available to viewers online, also changing the festival’s formula to the cinema-internet one in record time. These efforts were appreciated earlier – for the rapid adaptation to the new reality and the cinema-internet formula, Artur Liebhart, the festival director, received the Remote Culture Special Award in Polityka’s Passports. The award was given by Tygodnik Polityka for the first time in the Passports’ history.


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