Millennium Dom Maklerski S.A. joins forces with Bank Millennium

Millennium Dom Maklerski S.A. joins forces with Bank Millennium

Information on the project of integrating brokerage activity within the Bank Millennium Group.  On 10 May 2021 the Management Boards of Bank Millennium and Millennium Dom Maklerski decided about the planned split-up of Millennium Dom Maklerski where Bank Millennium is the acquiring company. It is the first step towards transferring all of the brokerage business to the Bank and integrating brokerage services within one company. The merger is planned for the turn of 2021/2022.

The decision to merge Bank Millennium and Dom Maklerski is determined by our efforts to increase quality and comprehensive coverage of the brokerage services offering to individuals as well as institutional customers. Thanks to the integration the Bank will offer customers a cohesive offering of banking and brokerage financial services provided by one institutionJoao Bras Jorge, the Chairman of Bank Millennium, said.

The plan of splitting-up Millennium Dom Maklerski was announced pursuant to art. 535 § 3 of the Code of Commercial Companies by means of publication on the website opens in a new window and Starting from the moment of registration of the changes in KRS Dom Maklerski shall operate within the structures of the Bank under the name of Brokerage Office of Bank Millennium, and its employees shall become staff of the Bank. From the day of the merger the Bank shall become the legal successor and will acquire all rights and obligations of Dom Maklerski, including the rights and obligations resulting from agreements concluded with customers.

The ownership change will not require any additional actions on part of to-date customers of Dom Maklerski or customers of Bank Millennium. All agreements will remain unchanged.

Moving the brokerage business creates greater opportunities for developing these services in Bank Millennium Group. Customers will get easier access to investment products. We would like to draw on the experience of Bank Millennium as regards digitalisation of financial services and also to offer services of the highest qualityMariusz Dąbkowski, Chairman of the Management Board of Millennium Dom Maklerski, commented.


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