Status of a mortgage application is available online also to persons who are not customers of Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium has implemented the next stage of the mortgage digitalisation project. Now the status of a mortgage application is available in the mobile app also to persons who are not yet customers of Bank Millennium. The Bank shall text them whenever the application status changes.

Now whoever applies for a mortgage loan to Bank Millennium, can conveniently check the status of this application in the mobile app. The service is available after installing Bank Millennium’s mobile app in a phone, from a button on the activation screen:

During the first entry a screen will appear with information on what is necessary to log-on to the service. – number of loan application, selected digits from the PESEL or passport number as well as SMSP@ssword, which the bank will send to the phone number provided in the loan application.

Following information is available in the mobile app in this service:
  • Current application status with a description of what goes on with the application in the particular stage
  • Progress bar shown as a pie chart
  • Application number and requested amount
  • Name and surname of expert handling the application, and in case of an application filed with a broker – also additional information about the partner handling the application
  • List of previous stages of the application

– As announced earlier – this is another stage of the mortgage loans full digitalisation project. Our plans involve launching further solutions and eventually the introduction of an “end-to-end” remote sales process in e-banking – Ania Meunier, Head of Mortgage Loans Sub-unit in Bank Millennium, said

– Designing the new solutions for mortgages we looked at the whole process again through the customers’ eyes. It was our priority to assure the best possible experience with the use of the bank’s service. We know that applying for a mortgage loan is one of the more important moments in life, so we were particularly keen on making this process seamless and transparent. We are already getting feedback from customers that it has worked. We are now going a step further and offering an equally convenient solution to persons who have so far not used our services – Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium, said


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Last Updated on April 19, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska