Construction business as a passion. Why this sector turned out to be a jackpot? Michał Sapota – owner of HREIT SA

Construction business as a passion. Why this sector turned out to be a jackpot? Michał Sapota – owner of HREIT SA

How was business conducted during the early days of Polish capitalism? What were your beginnings in business like?

I think it was identical to the beginnings of anyone who actually has the motivation to achieve something – a great vision, painful falls, getting back up, learning lessons, trying again until you succeed. Lots of work, often almost beyond one’s strength, but even more satisfaction when one does succeed. It’s a myth that some times are bad for starting a business – there are bad and good times, and each allows you to seize an opportunity. Creativity and consistency are the basis here.

Why this particular industry? Has doing business in this area proven to be a jackpot?

Construction sector is fascinating, both technically and socially. You get the feeling that people’s quality of life is really improving thanks to your products, that they are becoming happier. It’s incredibly satisfying, and I think in this context it was certainly a hit, although, as you know, it’s often difficult, like during the pandemic, when nothing was certain and we were worried about how long the industry could withstand the lockdown, the lack of construction materials or manpower. But we managed, it’s all good now, and we look into the future with optimism.

Have there ever been times of crisis when you had thoughts of quitting the business and taking up something else?

I guess everyone has these moments when they want to drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains. Of course, those didn’t spare me either, especially during difficult periods. But in business, the winner is not the one who gives in to the moods but the one who can take a cool look at things and wait them out.

People say that an entrepreneur works 24 hours a day. When running a business, is it possible to maintain a work-life balance?

It depends on what we call balance. It’s certainly not possible to close the laptop at 4pm and push the weight of responsibilities out of your head until 8am the next day. On the other hand, maintaining some moderation at work is essential – not least because an entrepreneur needs a fresh mind to make accurate decisions. At the start-up stage, working 20 hours a day is a standard, but if after several years you still don’t have time for pleasures, it’s a sign that either you’re doing something wrong, or this business isn’t for you.

Albert Einstein said “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”. What are your values in life and business?

Very simple – to do the things I like and know how to do. With a profit for me and my employees, but most importantly for the customers. It’s nice if, at the same time, I manage to do something good in a social context – for example, to support young people or an animal refuge.

Michał Sapota – Owner HREIT SA

Michał has been pursuing very ambitious goals on the real estate market in Poland and abroad for over a decade now.

In his work he places particular emphasis on developing long-term strategies for company growth using various sources of financing the company’s activities. He has a sound grasp of the synergy between the financial and real estate markets. Michał uses his expertise and experience to expand an investment offer for the real estate industry and he does it with great passion.

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