The energy industry in the hands of women – an interview with Wiktoria Kapuścik the winner of the Women’s Energy in Transition program

The energy industry in the hands of women – an interview with Wiktoria Kapuścik the winner of the Women’s Energy in Transition program

The Polish Edition of the Women’s Energy in Transition program is intended to support women who want to develop in areas related to the energy industry. We are talking to Wiktoria Kapuścik, who won the first place in the program.

Your dissertation is an analysis of a selected fourth generation district heating system. Where did you get the idea from?

I wanted for my diploma thesis to have practical application and to propose specific solutions. District heating is one of my main areas of interest and I highly value the academic work of my thesis supervisor, professor Anna Skorek-Osikowska; this topic turned out to be perfect for me.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the energy sector?

My first professional experiences and my fascination with energy-related issues reassured me in the belief that it was a good choice. I find this sector interesting; it constantly offers challenges, for instance in terms of technology development and having to adjust to legal and environmental changes.

One of the direct consequences of participating in the first edition of the program is your current job as a production specialist at Dalkia Polska Energia. What do you do there?

I work in the technical support department of DPE S.A., supporting our district heating and combined heat and power plants. My tasks include analyzing production data and the efficiency of devices, as well as supervising water quality parameters. I am involved in the day to day affairs of the production department and in creating the dashboards that monitor the operation of devices for production purposes via MS Power BI tools.

Women in the energy sector are still a minority. The Women’s Energy in Transition program is intended to change this. Do you think that this initiative could increase diversity in the sector?

Absolutely. The department I currently work in could be an example – previously, it had been dominated by men. I believe that the program could contribute to increasing the proportion of women in the sector.

What is the importance of various perspectives in the energy sector, especially in the context of fighting climate changes?

I think that a variety of perspectives is important. According to my observations, change management is still a major problem, especially in the context of sticking to thinking that if processes were carried out in a specific way in the past, they should not be modified in any way. The current challenge related to trying to stop climate changes requires a shift of perception and for changes to be implemented.

As a woman in the energy sector, what challenges have you encountered so far?

I sometimes had to deal with a stereotypical views of female engineers in the sector, especially when I was a student.

Until December 15th, 2023, female students can submit their dissertations for the second edition of the Women’s Energy in Transition program. How would you encourage them to do that?
The program opens up new opportunities and is a great adventure. It really is a good idea to take up the challenge and submit your diploma thesis. Good luck, everyone!

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