Our technologies are used in virtually all areas of the economy. Interview with Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka

Our technologies are used in virtually all areas of the economy. Interview with Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka

Blulog is growing at a very high rate, across many industries. What is the key to such rapid growth?

Our company brings together professionals from those areas and industries that are necessary in the context of optimizing the processes of protecting the cold chain. Competences, including technical and IT, allowed the introduction of new quality solutions in logistics and transport. Thanks to the knowledge and focus of a professional group, the company also develops solutions for prediction of conditions and the anomalies in other areas, e.g. in insurance, warehouse management, etc. The most important aspect – and necessary to achieve this goal – is to gather people with complementary competences in one place.

In which direction do you plan to go next, what goals do you set for yourself in the coming years?

In a nutshell – we would like our service, so universal and easy to implement, as well as to integrate with existing procedures, to become a mass solution. Providing solutions for individual recipients is difficult to achieve and so far has seemed beyond the reach of any company. Working in the areas of logistics and insurance, cooperation with the food and medical sectors, however, taught us how to introduce our know-how in a universal manner – by preparing solutions for companies who, with our support, can develop and enlarge their own portfolio.

Are there industries and areas where Blulog’s solutions are particularly popular?

First of all, Blulog is trusted by the clients due to the fact that it guarantees easier preservation of quality in the supply chain from the producer to the consumer. We would not focus only on these two sectors, but indeed by introducing products for industries as strictly regulated as pharmaceuticals (including monitoring of Pfizer vaccines) and the food sector, we proved that our technology is applicable in virtually all areas of the economy.

Blulog systems can be found not only in Poland and Europe, but also in North America. Do you plan to expand to new regions of the world?

We support companies at the international level – the solution is dedicated more to industries, not to particular countries or regions. We work on all continents in over 80 countries thanks to close cooperation with partners, both directly and in terms of distribution and integration.

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