Katarzyna Rudzka, Director of the Personal and Health Insurance Department at InterRisk. You can never have too much valuable protection

The fundamental question is whether it is worthwhile to take out insurance?

This year’s situation has shown that there is nothing we can know for sure. Of course, we are capable of predicting a lot, but we still do not have any influence on many events, and never will have. That is why, it is so important to take preventive measures that will pay off when the need arises.

Insurance helps us when we experience difficult situations in life. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be provided with a reliable insurance cover that will take care of what we regard as important.

Despite the numerous benefits, insurance is associated with complicated procedures and misunderstood. Does InterRisk offer a solution to this problem?

We are aware of the fact that changing this attitude will entail a lot of work on our part. On the other hand, we do simplify the procedures and design our offer so that our Clients feel that they buy a product which they understand and really need.

Properly used technology can be very helpful. In order to facilitate the purchasing process during pandemic, we make it possible to buy the policy on-line. Especially nowadays, an option which does not require going out is highly appreciated.

The pupils, their parents and teachers have faced new challenges this year. How is InterRisk helping them?

As regards insurance itself, we have prepared an offer that is suitable for each age group. We modify it every year and make available some useful innovations, such as Telemedicine, e-Rehabilitation or Reimbursement of a school trip costs when a pupil or a teacher was unable to take part in it due to an accident.

EDU Plus can be purchased through our sales platform, the product is available through the EDU Plus Online tool. Intermediaries can create virtual offers for schools, and parents can decide to buy an insurance variant of their choice. The mobile policy includes both an individual and a family variant of the product.

Outside of the insurance area, we also help teachers to acquire or improve remote teaching skills. Recent months have shown how important this form of transferring knowledge is. In cooperation with Librus and with the help of Google and Cisco, we are implementing the project We Support Remote Teaching (#WspieramyZdalneNauczanie). We are going to support training of teachers from approximately 1 thousand schools.

The InterRisk school insurance offer includes an individual and a group variant. Which of them would you recommend to pupils’ parents?

It is worthwhile to ensure the best protection possible to those for whom we care the most. That is why, I recommend both buying the insurance cover arranged by the institution and taking out individual insurance, if the financial situation allows it.

In fact, these are complimentary variants and each of them provides benefits that will satisfy the parent, while his or her child will be provided with the best possible protection. It is extremely important to have the feeling of comfort and certainty that your insurance cover will work when you most need it.

Last Updated on November 20, 2020 by Karolina Ampulska