Energy security in crisis times

For many weeks in Poland, and even longer in many regions of the world, we have been operating and working in new, special conditions, the primary purpose of which is to stop the spread of coronavirus. Business, economies and societies around the world are facing an unprecedented situation. The role of energy sector, especially in crisis situations, is to ensure energy security for all customers.

While medical personnel around the world – literally – are struggling with the virus on the front lines, energy engineers are also mobilizing their forces with a sense of additional responsibility. Regardless of the situation, electricity must flow and reach hospitals, important workplaces and millions of households, which are also a workplace for many Poles.

Enea Group – the second largest in the field of electricity production in Poland, supplies it to over 2.6 million recipients. The company constantly guarantees the country’s energy security and ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to millions of Poles, maintaining the continuity of operations of all companies in the Group and ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

During the pandemic, there were introduced special procedures and instructions that ensure continuous operation in every important task area, with particular regard to the safety of all employees and customers. The solutions used in recent weeks are also applicable now, when subsequent restrictions related to the epidemic are lifted.

New rules apply to all re-opened Enea Customer Service Offices. Only customers who have previously booked their visit through website or helpline are served. The offices carry out matters related to contracts, offers and technical matters. However, it is worth checking in advance whether the case cannot be dealt via remote contact channels with Enea.

The easiest and most convenient way to settle matters in Enea without leaving home is the eBOK Electronic Service Office, available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Thousands of people who already use it and have switched to e-invoice receive information from Enea faster. In eBOK you can check and pay invoices for electricity, provide meter readings, update your data or report matters that should be completed.

The expression of the Enea Group’s responsibility for the health of employees and clients is financial assistance for medical facilities fighting coronavirus. Dozens of hospitals received support worth 3.5 million PLN through the Enea Foundation. The Bogdanka mine belonging to the Enea Group allocated 740 thousand PLN to help medical institutions in the Lublin region. Support is not limited to financial assistance. A group of consultants serving Enea clients on a daily basis supports the work of the NFZ helpline. Part of the company car fleet is lent to hospitals and laboratories, volunteers – Enea Group employees sew masks, help seniors in their everyday shopping. Enea Group operates efficiently during a pandemic, ensuring the country’s energy security. The energy profession is a mission that we find out the most in times of crisis. Enea Group and the energy sector will support the Polish economy in returning to pre-pandemic conditions.



Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska