Evolution of e-commerce services in the pandemic era

The Polish e-commerce market has been growing at double-digit rates for years and last year its value was approx. 50 billion PLN. According to experts’ estimates, this year may reach even 100-120 billion PLN. The dynamic development of this channel has undoubtedly been accelerated by the pandemic, which impacts the whole system and infrastructure of online commerce. One of the branches which gains from the development of e-commerce is the logistics sector. Both entrepreneurs and individual customers expect the market to adapt to their individual needs also in terms of delivery. The response of the courier industry is therefore to make further changes and improvements.

In the era of COVID-19, when there was a reduction in direct contact with other people and
the so-called  lockdown, on the one hand, the e-commerce market has started to develop even more intensively, which has resulted in more shipments to be handled and, on the other hand, customers’ interest in safety in the context of their collection has increased. In order to meet these requirements, Poczta Polska has implemented new safety procedures to minimize contact between the recipient and the courier. These solutions are a great convenience especially for people in quarantine. There is also a possibility of contactless collection of shipments using a PIN code. If the sender has indicated the addressee’s phone number or e-mail address, the recipient receives a code before delivery, which he then gives to the courier. Popularity is also gained by the possibility to make cashless payments for cash on delivery directly at the courier, thanks to the supply of payment terminals. Additionally, the messages sent to recipients have changed. In addition to information about the rules of secure delivery, a telephone contact to the courier was made available, which allows to set a convenient date of delivery to the customer.

Another good example of adapting to the changing situation and consumer needs is the intensively expanded click&collect network. There are already over 13 thousand points, which consist of post offices, Żabka stores, PKN Orlen stations, Ruch kiosks and press lounges, and parcel machines located in post offices and Biedronka stores. The undeniable advantage of this solution is the convenience for customers thanks to the high availability of points located throughout Poland and the possibility of collecting the shipment at a convenient place and time. The plans of Poczta Polska assume further expansion of the network to 15 thousand points this year and up to 20 thousand points – by the end of 2022, as well as the expansion in the field of even greater automation of the delivery and sending of parcels.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of Internet customers, Poczta Polska has introduced the possibility of quick receipt of a parcels sent using the Electronic Sender’s system or through the Envelo platform. Since November, the “fast truck” system has been operating in over 550 outlets in the largest Polish cities, i.e. dedicated windows with service priority for digital customers, which are marked with a special sticker, where you can pick up your parcels as part of the PUDO service. An additional convenience for individual customers sending shipments is the absence of the need to print the address label on their own, which will be particularly appreciated by those without a printer. The customer enters the shipment data into the electronic system and after providing the employee with the parcel number, he will receive a printed lalbel. You can also take advantage of this solution by making a return in case of a missed purchase or Christmas gift.

Consumers are increasingly demanding, and the pandemic is generating demand for deliveries on the one hand, and on the other hand requires a quick response to the changing situation required by the customers. It is necessary to focus on effective implementation of market expectations. Poczta Polska is committed to the intensive development of a convenient, fast and safe way of sending and receiving parcels.


Michał Mierzejewski Deputy Director, CEP and eCommerce Services Bureau, Poczta Polska

Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Łukasz