Big Data a source of innovation and driver of growth

Big Data a source of innovation and driver of growth

If you have access to information, you may use it effectively. Quick data processing and proper interpretation are prerequisites for proper evaluation of the situation, prediction of future events and effective production management.

You have received a message from …… a robot.

Predictive maintenance is based on optimal use of machinery.  It is connected with the necessity to gather information on the condition of particular items of equipment in the production hall. That is just a step from prediction of trends, taking maintenance actions and great savings.

The technology meets the needs of the contemporary market. Both CNC machines and industrial robots are well prepared for cooperation and communication, both with one another and with people involved in the production process. It regards operators closely cooperating with machines and managerial staff supervising production on a remote basis. They appreciate the fact that machines are able to send text messages or e-mails with information on their condition and risk of a fault.

FANUC – irreplaceable, always on time

FANUC, a Japanese company, offers its clients products together with a pack of on-line services facilitating interaction with machines. All equipment offered under this brand may be connected to the Internet and use such services as FTP, Telnet, Web Server, E-mail.

FIELD – FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive

FIELD (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive) is a platform that connects all production equipment in a facility for the purpose of consolidation of information aimed at improvement of productivity and maintaining permanent production in the facility. In practice, FIELD serves as an intelligent ‘box’ to which it is possible to connect CNC systems, machinery, robots, peripheral equipment, sensors, air conditioning and even lighting. What is important, the system does not only allow to connect the latest FRANUC products, but also competitive machinery and equipment operated in the facility.

Experts from McKinsey & Company claim that implementation of the Predictive Maintenance strategy may result in saving, in the long term, from 10 to 40 per cent of costs connected with maintenance and reduction of the expenditure for machinery and equipment by 5 per cent.


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