Blulog is staying optimistic about the post-pandemic challenges

In the economic context, the pandemic – even with the obvious complications – has created the need to provide new solutions and, consequently, new standards in many sectors.

Fast growth in the e-commerce sector, demand for monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry and new trends in the food sector have allowed the company to implement projects and develop expansion in areas that were previously less obvious to us – for example, to optimise the logistics management of large warehouses or to support the maintenance of optimal conditions during international transport.

Obviously, a sector with great opportunities, especially during the last year, has proved to be medical sector. In addition to our charity work and collaboration with over 80 hospitals in Poland and around the world, we also provide systems for the Material Reserve Agency and other medical institutions to monitor vaccines. Deficiencies of electronic components and communication difficulties caused by the pandemic, the lack of options to attend trade shows and conferences in person will certainly continue to have an impact on the company’s business for some time to come – nevertheless, Blulog is staying optimistic about the post-pandemic challenges.


Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka, Sales and Marketing Director, Blulog

Last Updated on July 9, 2021 by Łukasz