Britenet – 15 years of partnership in professionalism

We have been operating in the Polish and international IT markets for years. We use our experience and technologies to create and develop state-of-the-art software thanks to which our business partners may achieve their strategic objectives. Our 15th birthday is a great opportunity to sum up a certain period of Britenet life.

Everything started like a story from a film. Two ambitious students decided to change from competing to cooperating for medals at the Mathematical Olympiads. They joined forces to create their own company together with a group of friends, and introduced a new quality in the market. While all great IT projects were developed in garages, Britenet aimed much higher from the beginning – it took its first steps in a small attic flat in the Warsaw district of Ursynów. The main goal was to gain the clients’ trust and achieve a strong position in the IT market.

During the first stage of its existence, our company comprised several people who processed orders for enterprises from the corporate and telecommunications sector. Together with the increase in orders and number of employees, the company’s possibilities, and as a result its needs, also grew. We moved to a larger office located closer to the centre of Warsaw. This was the first stage of the upcoming expansion. In 2008 we opened our first competence centre in Lublin. Over time we began establishing links with more and more demanding sectors. We successfully underwent many quality audits, proving that we could guarantee the safety of our software. Over the next few years the number of employees grew constantly – from a small group of enthusiasts we have become a company employing almost one hundred specialists. We opened another competence centre in Poznań and branches in Kielce and Białystok, as well as responding to the needs of our foreign clients, such as those in Germany, by establishing an office in Mönchengladbach. Today we implement Polish and international projects in several dozen technologies and concentrate on the maintenance of long-term links with our clients, becoming their business partner in pursuit of the implementation of strategic objectives.

Currently we are preparing solutions for the financial sector that allows the gathering of scattered data about clients, ensuring better handling, more precise analyses and better accuracy in business decisions. The effective identification of a financial sector client allows much more efficient satisfaction of their needs, and at the same time makes it possible to adapt to the requirements of the GDPR. Our experts also offer solutions increasing the effectiveness of existing systems and tools for predicting departures, not only of clients but also of employees.

Our solutions have simplified processes in clinical trial performance, offering a multi-level analysis of patients’ data presented in a clear manner, for example. In consideration of those patients suffering from a bipolar affective disorder, we have created an innovative application that uses Machine Learning algorithms to gather information allowing the anticipation of a change in the patient’s phase and informing the doctor and the patient’s family about it.

We also offer machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms in the retail sector, where we solve the most frequent problems met by store chains – unfriendly order submission processes, stocks of unnecessary products lingering in the warehouse or difficulties with the generation of logistic plans. Due to our optimisation techniques, we have developed an application allowing, for example, the presentation of suggestions on how many given products should be ordered by a franchisee in order to generate the highest possible profits.

In the logistics sector we develop applications facilitating the everyday work of couriers. Solutions in the form of an application allowing the optimisation of routes, control of transport costs and tracking of parcels with the possibility of predicting their delivery. We provide clients with easy access to all necessary information, the data warehouses we have improved operate better, faster and more effectively, while advanced reporting in Power BI allows clients to order data and to present them clearly.

For years we have also been a trusted provider of IT solutions in the public sector. The fact that we have managed to gain the trust of most demanding public institutions in Poland is a great reason for us to be proud. We have successfully implemented projects for the Ministry of Digitisation, the Ministry of Finance, the Centre of Health Information Systems (CSIOZ), PGE and other institutions. Our solutions have a real impact on the everyday lives of thousands of Poles. It is a huge responsibility, which we assume with satisfaction.

Our work has been recognised many times. For five consecutive years we were awarded the title ‘Best IT Workplace in Poland’ in the prestigious AudIT surveys organised by the journal Computerworld Polska, while according to the Clutch portal – an international platform of assessments and reviews of IT companies – in 2021 Britenet has been recognised as the best supplier of managed services in Poland, taking first place in the Top Managed IT Providers 2021 ranking.

However, we are not resting on our laurels. We constantly strive to develop our possibilities and to improve the team management processes, as well as looking for the next challenges. Even now we are thinking about our next steps – we are planning further technological and HR development and preparing for entry into new markets and sectors.



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