FANUC Poland joins NAZCA 4.0 project

In Wroclaw headquarters of the Japanese robotics manufacturer on February 10, 2021, President of FANUC Poland Jędrzej Kowalczyk signed a declaration of honorary patronage of the project NAZCA 4.0 and Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center. 

Education and piloting as part of NAZCA 4.0

Increasing competitive pressure requires manufacturers to take decisive action to increase production capacity, respond flexibly to new market needs, reduce production costs, and adapt to the inevitable changes in the global industry.


Enterprises across Poland now have the opportunity to join the NAZCA 4.0 platform pilot program, which aims to implement the idea of Industry 4.0 in companies for which it was previously out of reach. APA Group together with companies and supporting institutions invites entrepreneurs from the SME sector to participate in the pilot program “Nazca 4.0”. Willing individuals will be given tester status. They will therefore be invited to different stages of the project. In exchange for feedback and the opportunity to test the tool, companies are offered the chance to modernize their production facility and acquire unique knowledge from specialists who automate the plants of the world’s largest giants such as Volkswagen, Amazon, 3M, Tesla and others on a daily basis.

Industry 4.0 at your fingertips

The NAZCA 4.0 project assumes not only educational and consulting activities, but also the possibility of taking a close look at the production process in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standards thanks to the exhibit designed by APA Group engineers in the Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center. 

“Still, we are aware that the basis for optimizing any production process is the ability to make reliable measurements of plant and equipment parameters, as well as the ability to manage the machinery park in real time. Hence, as part of the project, we are building the Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center – full-scale production stations equipped with advanced technological solutions from leaders in specific industries. All this to prove a quantum leap in productivity related to the fourth industrial revolution, as well as a qualitative technological change.” says Maciej Walczak, Industry 4.0 Project Manager at APA Group.


Experts join forces 

The purpose and values embodied in NAZCA 4.0 have brought many companies and organizations together. FANUC Poland joined the group of patrons, among which is also: Katowice Special Economic Zone, Silesian University of Technology, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gliwice, KUKA Polska. In addition to actively promoting the idea of Industry 4.0, honorary patrons provide technological support and mentoring. 

“Thank you to our friends. We appreciate the trust of our patrons and recognize their support as a true mark of quality for the NAZCA 4.0 platform as a Polish technological thought. I strongly believe that together we will change the face of the Polish industry and raise it to a completely new level.” emphasizes Artur Pollak, President of the Board of APA Group.

Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center

The exposition in the Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center will allow each invited guest both on-site in Gliwice and fully online to select a sample product, give it characteristics, and then manufacture it, monitoring in real time each stage of the production process using such elements as IoT, Big Data, machine learning. At the end of a cycle, the user (manager, maintenance person, planner) receives a user-friendly report with indicators for quality, productivity, costs, energy and CO2 consumption. This allows to accurately estimate how much it actually costs to produce one component. Such a quick data analysis and in such a wide range has not been available so far for the SME sector in Poland. More than 20 partner companies have already joined the project.

In one of the reports of the Industrial Development Agency we can read that the density of robotization in Poland is 46 robots per 10 thousand people. Korea has 531 robots and Germany has 301. This now rings a bell for entrepreneurs. Technology is at our fingertips with platforms like NAZCA 4.0. We are on the eve of the announcement of a robotization allowance by the Polish state. There are numerous innovation grants available today. There’s no time to waste. Time running out causes others to sip the cream. Those who benefit from the first wave of Industry 4.0 will carve out the biggest piece of the pie.
– Artur Pollak, President of the Management Board, APA Group


FANUC Poland

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