How much does a bot cost?

The most common answer to that question is “it depends”. The experts from KODA Bots explain the variables that make up the implementation and maintenance costs.

Range of content, number of channels and systems that require integration: these elements influence the costs related to cloud-based automation. To better illustrate the process, we’ve selected three examples. 

1. Automation in the sales department

Making the order process more user-friendly by getting rid of forms or attachments sent via e-mail. The customer describes exactly what he/she needs in a window which features a chat with a virtual assistant. All this is done within a given company’s existing CRM and a purchase system. The process of buying something becomes easier, which means that salespeople can close deals faster and in a more effective way.

Channels of Implementation: website
Price range: 10 000-35 000 PLN

2. Bot for internal HR activities

It is integrated into internal communication channels and supports the organisation in processes like: onboarding of new employees, seminars, surveys and registration for selected activities. Implementation involves adapting the bot to company policies regarding data security as well as integrating it with various human resource and warehousing systems.

Channels of Implementation: intranet, Microsoft Teams, Slack Price Range:  20 000-45 000 PLN

3. Voicebot to answer a hot/help line

Provides support to employees of a call cent. If our client doesn’t already have telecommunications software we implement it with the assistance of one of our partners – i.e. Genesys or Altar. We replace IVR and pre-programed responses with interactions that will resemble conversations with actual consultants. Utilizing user history we make the interaction personalized and specific. As understanding of particular words and intentions changes, so too does the tone of the bots voice which sounds more natural as time goes by.

Channels of Implementation: call center, contact center Price of Implementation: 50 000-350 000 depending on the number of inquiries.

What else should you know? Monthly maintenance costs – you should assume a minimum of 1000 PLN up to tens of thousands in the case of large call centers. It is worth mentioning that the client-side resources needed to implement the bot are small. Most of the implementations can take place without involving the IT department. It’s easy to start your adventure with automation. Our clients often start with a simple bot that automates a section of communication (eg FAQ on a website), and then – step by step – develop the interactions.


Mariusz Pełechaty CEO, Koda Bots

Last Updated on January 21, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska