Report on the club meeting “Electromobility in Smart City”

Report on the club meeting “Electromobility in Smart City”

The second edition of the club meeting “Electromobility in Smart City” organized by Executive Club took place on May 19 this year. Experts from the electromobility sector met to discuss important issues related to the sustainable development of cities in the era of technological progress. The meeting took place in Warsaw’s Klub Sosnowy, and the broadcast of the event is available on the Executive Club channel on YouTube.

The debate was inaugurated by the speech of special guest Włodzimierz Karpiński – the Secretary of the Capital City of Warsaw, who presented the strategy of electromobility development in the capital city. The speaker listed the assumptions and all activities undertaken by the City Council to improve the quality of life of inhabitants and all visitors to Warsaw. Investment in public transport and the plan to develop a public network of electric vehicle chargers are among the points of the strategy mentioned by the Secretary. Electromobility is a significant challenge for the Local Government, but at the same time an opportunity to improve the quality of life.

The panel discussion was also preceded by a case study titled “Sustainable Mobility in Smart Cities”, prepared by Leszek Szafran, Managing Director, Consumer Tires, Europe East, Goodyear Polska. He presented the organization as an integral part of sustainable electromobility, emphasizing the technological advancement of tires and their enormous potential.

The presentation was followed by a discussion moderated by Tomasz Polichnowski, Chairman of the Board of Politraffic, PIIT ITS Expert. Among the discussants were: Rafał Budweil – President of the Board, Triggo SA, Jakub Faryś – President of the Board, Polish Automotive Industry Association, Robert Kasprzak – Vice President of the Board, Bank Ochrony Środowiska SA, Krzysztof Kochanowski – Vice President of the Board, General Director, Polish Chamber of Energy Storage and Electromobility Association PIME and Andrzej Szałek – Board Plenipotentiary, Toyota Motor Poland. The panel discussion concerned the development of Polish electromobility, as a relationship between users, vehicles and road infrastructure. The experts discussed the factors stimulating and limiting the dynamics of development, and distinguished the importance of the concept of travelling by passenger cars

Partners: APN Promise, BOŚ Bank, Goodyear Polska, Toyota Motor Poland, Triggo SA

Honorary patron: Ministerstwo Klimatu i Środowiska, Prezydent Warszawy, Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju, Politechnika Warszawska

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