HRE Investments fits in with the idea of a green planet

HRE Investments fits in with the idea of a green planet

Emission neutrality in Poland by 2050 is a direction that according to the ‘climate law’ is to be achieved in the entire European Union. Caring for the planet requires changes in the building industry as well. What needs to be changed and implemented to achieve this goal? Answers to these and many other questions were sought during the 12th edition of the Polish Infrastructure & Construction conference which was recently held in Warsaw. The discussion was attended by Michał Sapota, President of HRE Investments, whose attitude towards the concept of greening the building sector is very pragmatic.

The perspective for EU countries to be climate neutral by 2050 seems shorter than it may appear. During the panel: Climate Changes and the Building Sector, the invited experts stated that it takes time to achieve harmony between man and environment. This is a process that has already begun, e.g. by implementing innovative technological solutions in the building sector that help to improve the environment and reduce CO2 emissions. 

-I would be happy to replace traditional materials, but today the options are very limited. The process of change will not happen over the next few years – it is impossible. As a development company, we try to promote a green direction, namely prefabrication, which for example gives us the possibility to reduce waste- Sapota said during the panel.

HRE Investments increasingly uses prefabrication in its projects.  Currently, it runs several investments using this technology, e.g. in Rumia, Pruszcz Gdański, Łódź and Oświęcim. More are under preparation, like in Warsaw and Świdnica.  In 2019, the holding decided to acquire Baumat company based in Bydgoszcz, which is a leader in the prefabricated elements.

Buildings made in prefabrication technology have excellent acoustic and thermal parameters, which translate into reduced costs of living, and consequently into lower CO2 emissions. In addition, the concrete, from which the finished elements are made, is recyclable. 

-We look at global trends and one of them is very noticeable. It tells us that we need to take care of the planet and leave it to the next generation in a better condition than we found it ourselves. I am talking about eco-friendliness here – Sapota mentioned in one of his interviews.

HREI, as a development holding, invests its own resources in implementing environmentally friendly solutions in its projects. Among other things, it looks for a way to eliminate steel from reinforcements. But that is just the beginning. 

-We are working on concrete mixes that will allow to reduce water consumption. We aim at replacing natural aggregates with others, recycled ones. We try to make these elements more and more energy efficient. These solutions are available today – the President of HRE Investments enumerated during the conference.

Sapota takes a pragmatic approach to the issue of decarbonisation. He mentioned that he would gladly erect a state-of-the-art building using zero-emission technology, but pointed out that no one would buy an apartment in it because of high price. -People need affordable housing because they want a roof over their heads. They do not necessarily think about the level of CO2 emissions that was maintained during the construction phase – he said.

Moving to the conclusion of his speech at the 12th edition of the Polish Infrastructure & Construction Conference Sapota noted that the United States, China and Japan are responsible for 70 percent of global emissions. 

-If there is no political agreement as to the fact that we should all impose a common framework on ourselves on a global scale, and introduce financial incentives in this respect, also on a global scale, then nothing is going to change at all. This problem is extremely complex – he concluded.


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HRE Investments is an investment holding that implements a number of development projects throughout Poland. Focusing on comfort and modern design, the holding offers cosy and spacious dwellings located nearby highly developed agglomerations. It also makes investments in smaller towns. It currently runs projects that will allow to deliver over 2300 apartments.

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