IoT is mainly security

Internet-related solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are almost ubiquitous. We are becoming more and more open to new technologies and their presence in our lives. We equip our homes and offices with every new system. “Smart” are also our cars, refrigerators, washing machines, watches and shoes. However, whether before buying another vacuum cleaner with an application for a phone or a refrigerator with access to the Internet, do we wonder about the safety of solutions used by the manufacturer or what information about our life does the device collect and what can happen if they fall into the wrong hands? Equipment, which was supposed to be responsible for cleaning the flat, has saved the property plan in it’s memory and the refrigerator can reveal information about our habits or  rhythm of the day.

SAFLI Global Electronics B.V. To meet the challenges facing IoT devices, as the only electronics manufacturer, we integrate hardware cryptographic solutions guaranteeing secure end-to-end communication as well as encryption of information collected in memory in all of our products. We care about the privacy of our clients, which is why we do not collect data that goes beyond the necessary for the use. Currently, our main products include SAFiot-safe, access control for buildings, SIMPLiot- simple IoT solutions for process automation, Multi Share – sharing economy systems and Smart Storage – automatic self-storage rental. In addition, our platforms can be easily adapted to other applications in order to connect the physical with the Internet.

When purchasing SMART solutions, it is always worth asking a question about security and what data may be lost in a critical situation. Even for system producers with an established market position, the answers can be very surprising. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about the safety of IoT in a way as serious as we do in SAFLI.



Last Updated on February 19, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska