APA Group provides technological guides in the form of e-books

APA Group provides technological guides in the form of e-books

APA Group engineers have developed guides for the practical use of intelligent technologies in two areas: media consumption monitoring and Industry 4.0. The e-books are a response to the results of market reports, which indicate competence shortages and the fears of decision-makers against the implementation of modern technologies based on, inter alia, o Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics.

Smart Resource Optimization Guide

The publication shows how modern media monitoring tools allow you to plan the optimization of resources. In the unstable energy and market reality, it is crucial to quickly make the right business decisions.

The ebook includes, among others:

• description of the current energy situation;

• benefits of intelligent resource optimization;

• types of intelligent digital tools for asset monitoring;

• information on legal changes and statutory requirements.


A guide to the practical use of Industry 4.0 tools

The ebook provides a number of tips to help you get started with the effective implementation of the smart tools of the fourth industrial revolution. The multidimensional view of the enterprise shows how many benefits for the organization are brought by the work of management, finance, production and logistics on one data stream.

The ebook includes, among others:

• tips on which company processes will work with Industry 4.0 tools;

• explaining what is the process of digitizing the company and the production itself;

• instructions on how to move from Industry 3.0 to 4.0;

• ways to manage large data sets;

• description of how to use event prediction in practice;

• important elements of cybersecurity in Industry 4.0.


APA Group is a leader in the market for smart industrial automation and building management systems. It has over 20 years of experience and dozens of successful implementations for institutions, individuals, municipalities and industrial plants around the world. All concepts of product and service technology are developed in Gliwice and are becoming a Polish showcase worldwide. Among the clients are such giants of the world industry as: VW, Eisenmann, FIAT, OPEL, 3M, MAN, Amazon, DB Schenker, Tesla, or prestigious technical universities. Winner of the “Poland: Now” Emblem for the NAZCA Building Automation Process Management and Optimization platform. For years, it has been successfully completing innovative projects with the Silesian University of Technology and supplying it with technologies, which resulted, among other things, in the creation of the well-known in Poland Leonardo Lab (www.leonardolab.pl) and the Laboratory of Modern Control Techniques at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The company also carries out projects commissioned by the National Centre for Research and Development.

The company was created and is still managed by Artur Pollak, President of the Management Board of APA Group, Member of the Programme Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology and Member of the Management Board of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as Member of the Management Board of the Polish Green Construction Association. Co-founder of the Silesian IoT Cluster SINOTAIC (www.sinotaic.com). Expert in computer control systems. He has led several projects, creating factories termed Industry 4.0 in Europe and China. Founder of the ultramodern technology showroom in Gliwice APA Black House and Founder of the Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center.


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