Education for the future – from a measuring cup to innovative solutions for the climate

Education for the future – from a measuring cup to innovative solutions for the climate

At BASF, we see social commitment as an investment in shared value for society, the environment and business. Our CSR initiatives are not aimed at short-term success, but at long-term, positive impact on the recipients of these projects. They are based on our business model and our competencies, as well as the sustainability requirements. Together with our partners, we tailor our social engagement in an impact-oriented way.

Chemical technology and the chemical industry are today, and will be in the future, one of the main foundations of civilization and culture. It is impossible to imagine human life without chemistry, modern materials and the use of chemical methods in almost all areas. The chemical industry will always be a leading industry that contributes to the progress, innovation and development of all aspects of our lives. That is why our CSR activities are mainly focused on education in this specific area.

Many years ago, we have started cooperation with the Copernicus Science Centre, which is a scientific institution that inspires people to experience, understand the world and act responsibly in an extremely creative way. For over 12 years, as the exclusive partner of the chemical laboratory at the Copernicus Science Centre, we have been engaging children, adolescents and adults in discovering the secrets of chemistry and creation of innovative products and solutions.

In a creative and professionally equipped laboratory, students, under the supervision of competent tutors, can independently perform interesting chemical experiments using specialized equipment. Since its opening, over 6,000 classes have been carried out according to over 30 scenarios. In our laboratory, schoolchildren learn, for example, why sun protection and creams with UV filters are important, what is the difference between a plastic bag and bags made of biodegradable plastic, how to make a simple water filter or how to make paper out of a newspaper. We present concepts such as innovation, sustainability and explain why they are crucial for future generations and climate protection.

Our employees, together with the Center, develop the laboratory program so that the experiments are essential and interesting. We organize chemical shows, but also integration lessons, e.g. for Polish-Ukrainian classes. As a part of our cooperation, we also implement additional projects, in which we show that chemistry is really everywhere. Chemical Valentine’s Day, “Weekends with the elements” events or educational competitions are just some of our activities organized together with the Copernicus Science Centre.

Through our educational initiatives, we hope to contribute to raising public awareness of the importance of chemistry and its impact on our daily lives. We believe that in doing so we are building the foundations for future generations and the protection of our planet.

Katarzyna Kowalewska, Senior Media Relations & CSR Specialist, BASF Poland

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