The EKIPA Holding – a new dimension of entertainment

The EKIPA Holding – a new dimension of entertainment

EKIPA Holding has been established 2 years ago due to an initiative of the most famous and significant influencers in Poland. It consists in people creative in both the field of lifestyle and business. The primary mission is to provide entertainment for audiences of all ages. For this purpose, the EKIPA Holding has established seven companies specialised in the respective industries.

Managing the images of the Creators, intermediation in advertising contracts and handling them, as well as the technical background are the responsibility of the EKIPA Management. The company has carried out such projects as “Dom Ekipy”, “Twoje 5 minut” (currently the second edition of the program is underway) or Genzie, which, thanks to their uniqueness and creative solutions, are highly recognizable and attract millions of recipients.

LANIAKEA PICTURES is a company included in the EKIPA Holding, which operates in the media-entertainment field and is responsible for developing and producing audiovisual and publishing content. It operates in the field of film production (feature films, series, animations) and publishing (comics, books, board games, including RPG). It cooperates with global experts concerning cinematography, genre literature, comics, animation and game-development. Its main goal is to create new universes, their heroes, and scenery along with a plot. Currently, the holding’s largest project is a high-budget production of an original concept with international potential. It is a project concerning a series, games, and publications with the theme of dinosaurs, which will surely delight fans of fantasy and sci-fi.

One of EKIPA’s companies is a co-producer and publisher of games. The company in question, GGBAY, is currently finalizing work on its fully proprietary production of the mobile game “My Dino Friend” for IOS and Android. The game will soon be available for users.

If not everyone, then probably most of the Generation Z has already had the chance to wear the EKIPA or Genzie clothes. The EKIPATONOSI company deals with designing as well as assembling clothing and accessories of own brands. It is responsible for selling and shipping products based on the following domains:,,, and It has one stationary sales point in the ENERGYLANDIA Amusement Park, which constitutes its strategic partner.

There are also smaller companies operating in terms of the EKIPA Holding. BRAINCHILD, which handles the accounting services of the entire Capital Group, or KRAKÓW KINGS, which was created to take over, further develop, and promote the Kraków American football team Kraków Kings.

EKIPA Investments ASI has been established to support young and talented entrepreneurs. The company provides capital and support in choosing the best possible development path. It invests in companies during the PRE-SEED and SEED stage, mainly in entities from the field of new technologies, media, broadly understood entertainment, as well as e-commerce. The value of an individual investment ranges from PLN 250,000 to PLN 1 million.

Ekipa can account for many media successes, including several in the field of FMCG. Ice cream and beverages create by the Company in cooperation with Koral, as well as donuts produced with Dooti Donuts turned out to be a real hit. Currently, in stores it is possible to find Choco Cup chocolates and challenge pralines that were created with the Millano company, and which include six different, contrasting flavours as well as an element of randomness. We do not stop there, because our heads are full of ideas and we will surely surprise our recipients in the future – states the Management Board of the EKIPA Holding S.A.

EKIPA also carries out projects with a social dimension. By opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, we’ve joined forces to help those who are in need. For this purpose, we’ve set up a fundraiser. Thanks to the generosity and help of donors and partners on the zrzutka portal, we’ve managed to collect a great sum. We’ve decided to provide real, long-term, and effective help to those who need it the most, i.e. children who are seeking refuge in Poland. We have donated the funds to SIEMACHA Association, which is a leader in this field. It knows how to help, it has the proper tools, and moreover, we share the same values. All funds from the fundraiser were allocated in expanding the orphanage in Odporyszów, where children from Ukraine will live – says Łukasz Wojtyca, co-founder of the EKIPA Holding S.A.

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