Warsaw real estate market in the era of sustainable design and technology

Warsaw real estate market in the era of sustainable design and technology

Dawid Forysiak, CEO & Founder | Moovin Interiors, NUX Apartments, DFK Investments.

Specifics of the Warsaw real estate market

The current development of the real estate market in Warsaw reflects the dynamic growth of the city and the increasing wealth of its inhabitants. At the end of 2022, in Poland we had more than 150,000 people classified as high net worth individuals (HNWI), whose net wealth is at least $1 million. According to the World’s Wealthiest Cities Report 2023, every tenth (15.1 thousand people) millionaire was registered in Warsaw.

Warsaw is the city with the fastest-growing number of wealthy people in Poland. Most of them want their homes to reflect their success, and this fact, in turn, is attracting the attention of investors, including foreign ones.

The recent economic turmoil, mostly connected with the war raging in Ukraine, resulted in an increased interest in apartment lease, not excluding the premium segment. This is, however, but a latest element in a longer period of uncertainty, which encompasses not only the war but also two years of pandemic restrictions, the government’s housing policy and an increase in unmet demand for real estate which, according to experts, can be as large as 2 million apartments. High inflation rates also motivate people to seek active investments. Because of the stable demand it is no wonder that they are often choosing real estate. Among other investing possibilities they can seem as a guaranteed profit.

All this has prompted many of our clients to seek solutions that are durable, stable, and long-lasting, which fit perfectly with our interior design philosophy. We use timeless, noble materials, and that’s exactly what our clients are looking for. Over the 8 years of our business, we have already designed and executed 24,300 sqm of interiors. This translates to about 486-694 most commonly bought 35-50 sqm apartments, as per Metrohouse and Credipass report.

The future is now

The real estate industry brings many interesting trends. Sustainable and eco-friendly solutions will become increasingly important. Clients increasingly appreciate environmental responsibility, so nature-friendly design will be key. Hence, when designing at Moovin, we consider energy efficiency, use natural and recycled materials, such as wood or stone. We want our designs to be responsible and planet-friendly.

Another important trend is the integration of smart technologies in interior designs. We are constantly following technological innovations and novelties to incorporate them into our projects. Smart lighting systems, voice control or home automation are just some of the solutions we will increasingly implement to ensure maximum comfort and functionality for clients.

In conclusion, the future of the premium real estate interior design and execution industry in Warsaw seems promising. The dynamic development of the city, the increase in the number of affluent residents, and changing consumer trends will influence new customer expectations. Our goal is to remain the leader when it comes to premium interior design in Warsaw. Knowing the diverse profiles of our clients, we are determined to tailor our offer to meet their expectations, both now and in the future.

What is the Concierge standard in the interior design industry?

The Concierge model is a form of cooperation that sets Moovin Interiors apart in the market. What exactly does it mean? First of all, it means dealing with all, even the smallest, difficulties that the clients may face beforehand. Most interior design studios focus on just that – designing a pleasant interior. For us, a perfect execution is the priority here. We are very grounded in our everyday work, implementing every stage of the process step-by-step – from deeper understanding of customers’ needs, creating concepts and technical designs to managing purchases, logistics and renovation crews. Customers place the whole process into our hands, along with budget execution, keeping to schedule and quality-control. That way they don’t have to worry about additional costs, long formalities, or delays. They don’t have to worry about anything.

The key here is our most important distinguishing feature in the market – the showrooms. Here, customers can touch, see and experience what we offer them. They provide physical proof of our expertise and style. They are all the more important because the Concierge model involves being able to verify all the elements before work actually begins. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the materials we use, the possible layout and design of the space. Our showrooms are also a kind of simulation of the future lifestyle for our clients. They allow them to make a decision with full confidence and trust, which is crucial in this industry.

The Concierge model – step by step

The first step is to sign a contract and collect documents to provide a clear framework for cooperation. We then interview the client to understand his expectations. Together we discuss the investment budget to match the project to his capabilities. Later, we prepare 2-3 proposals for the layout of the premises, and together with the client we choose the best one.

The next step is the creation of an architectural design, where we gather inspiration and prepare a mood board. After its approval, the design is created, along with photo-realistic visualizations and an estimate. Throughout this stage, the client only approves the individual solutions – all the preparations are handled by us.

After the project is accepted, we prepare detailed technical documentation and a final cost estimate. Later we buy the materials and assign transport and renovation teams to the project. At the stage of construction and carpentry work, we take care of literally every detail, carrying out the renovation from A to Z. Then we move on to the finishing touches. We install lighting, ornamental details and decorations, thoroughly finish the apartment, furnish and equip it. Once the work is completed, we carry out a thorough cleaning and then release the premises and keys to the client. In doing so, we give a 2-year warranty service, which provides the customer with full support even after the renovation is completed.

Such a planned process saves a lot of time and nerves for our clients, so they can focus on their priorities.

Who are the clients of Moovin Interiors?

We work with a variety of clients with different profiles and needs. These include individual clients who dream of a breathtaking apartment that reflects their taste and lifestyle, as well as the discerning premium real estate investors looking for the highest quality services.

People looking for an apartment for themselves find the answer to their desires in the Concierge model. It is important for them to refine every detail, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. They want the space to be unique, tailored to their lifestyle, thus creating a harmonious whole. We have already carried out projects for them in many interior styles. All of them can be checked in our portfolio.

For investors, precise execution of the planned schedule and budget is crucial. This is important for both short- and long-term investments. We provide them with this, with the added bonus of our know-how. We finish their properties so that they quickly find a buyer or landlord. This works great in a city like Warsaw, where there is a shortage of quality finished flats for rent, e.g. for senior executives, including foreigners. The combination of the specifics of the market and our workmanship means that investors who work with us find tenants very quickly.

Regardless of their diverse needs and motivations, clients value our individual approach and cooperation with a multidisciplinary team. This is because the design and implementation process involves:

1. customer advisor,

2. project manager,

3. concept architect,

4. visualiser,

5. execution documentation architect,

6. procurement specialist,

7. carpentry coordinator.

Such an extensive team not only allows us to be in full control of every aspect of the project, but also ensures that all the clients’ needs are met. After all, the design and execution process is an interdisciplinary field, requiring a wide range of knowledge and skills across many disciplines. Clients also choose us because we have all the necessary know-how gathered in one team. This speeds up the completion process and reduces any risks associated with having external contractors involved in the project.

Moovin Interiors is a unique interior design and execution studio. The first and only one in Warsaw to provide services in the highest Concierge standard. For us, the goal is simple: to make our customers’ dreams come true, without forcing them to give away half a year of their lives to oversee the renovation.

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