2022 brought a number of benefits to experienced real estate players

2022 brought a number of benefits to experienced real estate players

Another year full of unexpected local and global events is coming to an end. Once we had almost dealt with the pandemic, we faced a huge humanitarian (but also logistical) challenge of helping refugees from war-torn Ukraine.

Developers, investors and potential private buyers of apartments are now confronted with rising prices of building materials, labour and utilities, difficulties in accessing mortgages, and daily effects of inflation.

However, difficult times are not hopeless times – they can represent a risk, but also a challenge and an opportunity for experienced market players who have already overcome more than one crisis. HREIT SA can proudly count itself among them.

The numbers are on our side

Currently, HREIT SA runs dozens of investments at various stages of development across Poland. The total value of ongoing and planned projects is PLN 7.6 billion. These are modern and comfortable housing estates offering a variety of apartment sizes to suit different needs of individual buyers. That is more than 24 thousand units, or 24 thousand families having their own apartment, which translates into tens of thousands of satisfied people. Being a part of this process fills us with immense joy and pride that simply cannot be described.

“The more uncertainty there is in the market, the greater the chance to make the right use of emerging opportunities”, believes Michał Sapota, the President of the Management Board of HREIT SA. “In order to protect themselves from inflation, developers with ample financial resources are keen to invest in new projects and land. We are preparing for the time when the economy will once again gain momentum”.

Making it easier for Poles to buy their own apartment

Planning to make it easier to obtain a loan for property purchase can prove beneficial for both developers and buyers.

“Our in-depth analysis of data has shown that higher inflation results in noticeable increase in housing prices. While money loses its purchasing power, the use value of a residential unit remains the same. That is why it is important to invest now in real estate, which can soon be sold at a considerable profit”, explains Michał Sapota, CEO of HREIT SA.

HREIT SA assists individual buyers by offering support programmes. The Price Guarantee provides a safeguard for those who are worried about an unforeseen increase in the price of a property for which down payment has been already paid. This solution ensures that the price will not change from the moment the reservation agreement is signed, regardless of the market situation. The ‘PLN 3000 per Recommendation’ programme, in turn, is a bonus for satisfied customers who recommend our services to other potential buyers. Some of the apartments offered by HREIT SA meet the requirements of the Act on Guaranteed Housing Loan, allowing them to be purchased without having own contribution.

Being aware of the changes in the demographic structure of society, mainly due to the immigration of Ukrainian citizens, we also conduct our marketing communication in Ukrainian. With HREIT SA, refugees looking for a new home can find it more easily.

Socially responsible

“We believe that our everyday choices matter – they can help improve people’s lives and reduce the negative human impact on the natural environment. That is why we attach great importance to charitable and pro-ecological activities”, adds Renata Pastwa, Director of PR and Communications at HREIT SA.

We take care of the Our Future Foundation, whose main goal is to support young, talented and ambitious individuals. In November, we participated in the biggest scientific conference in Poland, Our Future Forum, which was organised for the fourth time by the foundation. During the event, representatives from the world of business and science provided valuable advice on career development.

We are partners of the ‘Young in Łódź’ [Młodzi w Łodzi] programme aimed at encouraging pupils, students and young workers to tie their future plans to this city which offers great opportunities and is growing dynamically.

Environmentally friendly measures are extremely important to us – they are an indispensable part of every investment we make. We promote zero-emission transport by providing infrastructure for bicycles and electric cars to residents of our estates. We create green areas (vegetation on roofs, ivy on walls, pollinator-friendly flower meadows) and integrate them into existing recreational zones in the neighbourhood. We promote water conservation through the construction of storage reservoirs. We care for animals – the large ones (as caretaker of the Pegasus Foundation which saves farm animals from torturous labour and slaughter) and the small ones (we put up nesting boxes for swifts and houses for beneficial insects). We make it easier for residents to take care of the environment by providing waste separation stations. To sum up, we strive to ensure that our activities are comprehensive and have a real, positive impact on the environment.

2022 was indeed a challenging year, but at the same time full of successes and satisfaction. And we believe that 2023 will be even better. Thanks to the projected improvement in the economy, stability – and consequently the consumer purchasing power – will slowly begin to return to the real estate market. For our part, we will do everything we can to maintain our excellent performance and continue to operate in the spirit of reconciling high investment returns and social responsibility.

Michał Sapota

CEO Heritage Real Estate Investment Trust


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