Dom mody Klif: new tenants, new collections

Dom mody Klif: new tenants, new collections

Customers of the Dom Mody Klif shopping centre are discerning clientele who value both a relaxing ambience while shopping and a unique offer of sustainable premium fashion. The arrival of the Wolford brand in Dom Mody Klif is a symbolic reference to a capsule wardrobe with its complementarity and high quality lingerie at its heart. Other new premium brands include Campione’s fully revamped store and a boutique of Paul&Shark with its unique offer. Global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield is the property manager of Dom Mody Klif.

The W by Wolford – lingerie that inspires harmony

Founded in 1950, Wolford is an Austrian manufacturer of women’s clothing and lingerie. Over the course of its history spanning 70 years, it has become a leading brand that prides itself on products made from fabrics meeting the highest environmental and sustainability standards. In 2019, Wolford was Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified™ for biological and technical cycles in production. In addition, Wolford is the world’s first company in the apparel and textile industry to have successfully completed the certification process.

In 2020, Wolford added a unique line to its portfolio, The W, inspired by the harmony of body and mind and offering a full range of modern, essential products that meet the expectations and the refined tastes of its female customers. The iconic aesthetic of the collection continues to evolve to meet the needs of the dynamic, modern woman. Wolford’s boutique in Dom Mody Klif represents the essence of femininity whose strength lies in continued inspiration from life.

-Sustainability, corporate social responsibility and green solutions are focus areas not only for Dom Mody Klif, but also our tenants. We are excited that our shopping centre’s portfolio of boutiques includes such brands as Wolford, with their DNA embedding creation of a functional capsule wardrobe whilst adhering to the highest environmental protection levels –says Waldemar Kurdziel-Świeczka, Head of Dom Mody Klif, from global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, acting as a property manager for the shopping centre.

Campione’s revamped store in a new location

In early 2021, Dom Mody Klif saw new collections arrive and refurbishment works come to an end in some stores. This year’s highlights include the opening of Campione’s store built according to the retailer’s latest concept inspired by a marine style. The boutique is located on level 1, next to Adventure’s Sport. It uniquely complements sportswear and casual wear for both women and men. Campione has over 30 years of tradition built around products featuring a unique design and attention to detail.

The new collection from Paul&Shark brings a breath of fresh air

Dom Mody Klif successfully relies on social media to promote products of its tenants. And it was no different with the latest collection from Paul&Shark, whose offer was recently featured in a live-streaming video.

Live-streaming is a unique proposition of Dom Mody Klif for all lovers of high fashion who value not only product presentations here and now, but also limited special offers. During each live-selling session, customers of Dom Mody Klif can easily book, buy or watch products selected by stylists. What’s more, gift cards are awarded for purchases made during live-selling, which improves conversion rates and helps build customer loyalty.

– Dom Mody Klif consistently undertakes strategic activities combining the online realm with a unique retail experience that customers can expect in a brick-and-mortar environment. These activities, transparent communication and the commencement of active online promotion of tenants have clearly driven customers to shop – adds Waldemar Kurdziel-Świeczka, Head of Dom Mody Klif.

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