Expansion of the Przemysłowe Quay at the Port of Gdańsk

Expansion of the Przemysłowe Quay at the Port of Gdańsk

Reconstruction of the Przemysłowe Quay area at the Port of Gdańsk is about to start soon. A contract has just been signed between the Port of Gdańsk Authority and the general contractor, NDI from Sopot, which won the tender. The total value of the investment is PLN 80 million. The works will last until the end of April 2023.

“We are very happy that we are returning to the Port of Gdańsk, says the President of NDI, Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska. “In the spring of this year, we completed the reconstruction of the road and railway system at the Outer Port. We did a lot of work in advance, although it was very demanding in terms of logistics because, despite the ongoing works, the Port must remain functional. So, we have experience that our staff will use in our next investment,” adds the President of NDI, Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska

By expanding the access infrastructure from the land side, the Port of Gdańsk increases service standards, becomes more competitive, and strengthens its position in the Baltic Sea. Reconstruction of the Przemysłowe Quay area will begin soon. The investment is carried out under the project “Expansion and modernisation of the core network nodes in the field of road and rail infrastructure.”

The scope of the investment includes, among others, reconstruction of the railway and road system between the Przemysłowy Quay and Ku Ujściu Street and between Chemików Street and the ferry crossing abutment in Bosmańska Street through the Kaszubski Canal.

The project is co-funded by the CEF “Connecting Europe” programme.

“After completing the road and railway investment in the Outer Port, we are starting another project, this time located in the Inner Port. We want to be the number one port in the Baltic Sea when it comes to total transhipments. The infrastructure investments that we are currently implementing are the key to increasing transhipments. The investment, which we are announcing today, will contribute to increasing the potential and handling capacity of our port. All operations will run more smoothly and security will increase,” explains Łukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdańsk.

“I would like us to sign such agreements every month because every access to the port and every improvement means an increase in transhipments and competitiveness. We will continue along this path of investing in Polish ports. Especially since the competition never sleeps. When we took over the government, a real host appeared on the Polish coast and ports. What we can observe now is a gigantic investment momentum. We have spared no funds to expand Polish ports. Western and eastern ports are envious of what is happening in our country,” said Grzegorz Witkowski, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, who participated in the conference.

Roads with a total length of approximately 1.6 km will be modernised. A cement concrete pavement will be laid. Two parts of the quay will also be built using this material. The Chemiki siding will be modernised along with the construction or reconstruction of the track system over a section of approx. 6 km.

“We welcome the signing of the contract and our role as the Contract Engineer for this important project for the Port of Gdańsk and we are glad that we will be able to take part in it, all the more so since it is the second task that we will be managing and supervising under the contract with the Port of Gdańsk Authority. In May this year, the project of the expansion and modernisation of the road and rail network at the Outer Port in Gdańsk was completed, as part of which we also provided investor supervision and management services,” says Waldemar Lechnik, Investor Supervision Director, representative of the Contract Engineer, Sweco Polska sp. z o.o.

As part of the investment, water supply, sanitary, electricity and telecommunication networks will also be reconstructed. The project covers the construction of a rainwater drainage network, street lighting, new fencing of the area and two guard posts. The total value of the investment is PLN 80 million. The works will last until the end of April 2023.


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