Loads on Czeskie Quay have started

In the Port of Szczecin, on Czeskie and Słowackie Quays, the driving of gigantic steel pipes has started, which will strengthen the rebuilt quays. Works under the investment “Improving access to the Port of Szczecin in the area of the Dębicki Canal” are carried out by the NDI group from Sopot. The contract for works with ZMPSiŚ was signed in October last year; the works will take three years.

The first steel pipes with a length of 21 metres and a diameter of ⌀ 914 (0.914 m) have already been installed on the Czeskie Quay. The newly built quay will be erected on them. The total length of the reconstructed Czeskie and Słowackie Quays is slightly over 1000 metres.

-We are starting to drive the pipes that will be used for the foundation of the quay – says Piotr Arabczyk, Contract Director from NDI, the general contractor. ”The pipes are driven with a vibro drivers. A new quay, which will be used for cargo handling, will be built on this structure. It is the first stage of the construction of the Czeskie Quay, where 316.5 metres of the quay will be built.

Ultimately, as much as 9,600 tonnes of ⌀ 914 and 813 pipes will be installed. Each of them is 18 to 21 metres long. Works on the Czeskie and Słowackie Quays have been in progress since last autumn. Both quays will be demolished and rebuilt. Currently, the Czeskie Quay along with the ro-ro ramp are being demolished. On the other side of the Dębicki Canal, a technological road with storage yards have been built along the Norweskie and Duńskie Quays.

In the near future, industry works will begin at the Czeskie Quay, as well as works preparing the dump sites on Ostrów Mieleński Island.

-We will start to build the dump site on Ostrów Mieleński Island at the turn of April and May. It will be used to store all the excavated material, which will be drawn from the bottom of the Dębicki Canal through special pipelines – says Piotr Arabczyk, Contract Director from NDI, the general contractor. ”We would like to start dredging works at the end of this year – adds Piotr Arabczyk

As part of this investment, the contractor, NDI, will rebuild, i.a., approximately 1000 metres of the Czeskie and Słowackie Quays, along with the modernisation of the technical infrastructure at the quays’ immediate facilities and their adaptation to a technical depth of 12.5 m. The contractor will also build over 1080 metres of completely new Norweskie and Duńskie Quays. As part of the project, the Dębicki Canal will also be widened to a width of 200 m (currently 120 m), by means of removing earth along the entire section of the western shore of Ostrów Grabowski and deepening the basin to a technical depth of 12.5 m. NDI also performs bed reinforcement, the so-called concrete mattress, that will protect the quays against the movement of ship propellers. A spoil dump site will also be built, which will be used for the storage of spoil excavated during dredging works, and there will be approx. 1.5 million m3 of excavated material to dispose of.

The project “Improving access to the Port of Szczecin in the area of the Dębicki Canal” is co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. The cost of work is PLN 343.1 million. The investor of the project is ZMPSiŚ, the contractor is NDI based in Sopot, and the project is supervised by SWECO.


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