NDI to rebuild the Marshal’s Office building

NDI to rebuild the Marshal’s Office building

The NDI Consortium will design, reconstruct and renovate the building entered in the register of historic monuments and subject to the conservator’s supervision kept by the Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, located at ul. Okopowa 19 in Gdańsk. The building is situated within the historic city centre.

As a result of the works conducted in the historic building, some of its residential premises will be transformed into offices. All of them are to be adapted for handicapped persons. The project also provides for the adaptation of its attic, which will result significantly increase its usable area. Currently, it is 1043.88 square metres. The attic, which is currently unused, provides extra 192.46 square metres to be occupied.

This project is run under the “Design and Build” formula. Thus, its implementation consists in designing, obtaining all the legally required permits and arrangements and running all the construction and building works as well as making sanitary, electrical and tele-technical amendments. The building will be closed for the time of its reconstruction and refurbishment.

The investment will cost nearly PLN 5 million. All the reconstruction works will be completed later this year.


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