NDI will modernise the tram tracks in Mysłowice

New, safe tram tracks and overhead network, modernised roadway, a tram terminus and stops in changed locations. All this will improve the driving comfort of the residents of Mysłowice. The investment worth over PLN 54.8 million will be carried out by the NDI Group from Sopot. There were no appeals in the tendering procedure.

The modernisation involves the track and the overhead network on the tram line No. 14 in Mysłowice, over a section of nearly 4 km of a single track. The renovation will also cover the road system and all underground networks along Bytomska, Starokościelna, Szymanowskiego and Powstańców Streets.

“The track will be made in the ballast-free technology, in which the rails are fixed with a flexible resin fill based on polyurethane resin in the rail channels of the concrete track slabs. The resin fill ensures elastic transfer of loads of rail vehicles and damping of vibrations and noise. This is the so-called floating or embedded rail system (ERS),” says Marcin Wawrzacz, Project Director from NDI, the general contractor. “The modernisation of the track will also involve the tram terminus in the vicinity of the railway station and the construction of additional tram turnouts with the control and heating of the switches. In addition, a new overhead network and power cables will be built. The road works will include the reconstruction of the roadway, sidewalks, parking spaces, exits and entrances of transverse streets. The construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Krakowska and Towarowa Streets has also been planned,” adds Marcin Wawrzacz.

The location of the existing stops will partially change to improve passenger communication. Also, new stops will be constructed at the intersection of Mieroszewskich Square and Słowackiego Street and in Starokościelna Street – near the police headquarters.
In terms of the utilities network, the following will be reconstructed: rainwater drainage system, sanitary sewage system and combined sewer system with connections, gas and water supply networks, electricity and telecommunication networks. Street lighting will also be rebuilt.

The investor of the track works is the company Tramwaje Śląskie S.A., while the road part is financed by the Municipality of Mysłowice. The contractor selected in the tender is the NDI Group based in Sopot. The total cost of the investment is PLN 54.837 million gross.


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