Properly arranged office brings benefits to the company

Properly arranged office brings benefits to the company

Why is it so important to have a properly arranged office space?

It is extremely important, because the arrangement of the office has a direct impact on the efficiency of employees and team’s work. In fact, work space influences the activities of people and teams, which translates into productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization.

What is crucial when choosing the right office model? How should the companies choose?

When choosing the type of office, the company should follow the rules of the unique work environment that every organization has. It has to take into account its own internal needs. To determine them, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis. The guidelines for choosing an office are multidimensional and require researching  many processes in the company and finding out the expectations of the organization.

In what direction is designing workspace in the companies headed?

Workspace has to be adapted to the profile of the organization, meet different goals and provide comfort to the employees. Nowadays, designed spaces must have a greater impact on the company and people in it, in order to fully use the potential and provide development opportunities.

What are the most common mistakes made by the companies when planning office space?

The most common mistakes are a result of insufficient attention paid during the initial analysis of the company’s needs. It is a very important stage that allows to significantly reduce costs and optimize the process. Other classic mistakes are organizing the whole space in the office in just one style and not enough space for team work or quiet zones.

Where can the companies get information on the latest trends in designing office space?

Current trends, standards in the arrangement of office space and modern solutions for tenant offices can be followed, for example, by attending the meetings organized by Walter Herz ‘s Tenant Academy. During these practical workshops, a group of experts and architectural advisors share their knowledge and experience with the participants of the meetings. As part of this year’s edition of Tenant Academy, we present, among others, Office 10.0 report, which includes a compendium of knowledge about the process of leasing and arranging office space.

Is any industry extremely demanding when it comes to arranging offices?

The awareness of the importance of the workspace in the companies is growing. This applies to all industries. Recently, the role of the office has significantly grown. Today, it is a recruitment and sales tool, as well as an important business element.

How is Walter Herz’s office arranged?

Walter Herz office emphasizes our unique character and meets a number of company requirements. It involves the combination of zones for teamwork and individual work,  as well as space for guests and clients. The layout of the office combines different requirements concerning arrangement, acoustics and functionality.


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