The attack of winter did not cause a delay in works on the Spit

The attack of winter did not cause a delay in works on the Spit

Despite severe frosts and heavy snowfall, the intensity of works on the construction of the Vistula Spit ditch is not decreasing. The erratic works are in progress in the maritime part. The construction of the sheet piling, micropiles and excavations for CFA piles in the lock of the Shipping Channel has been completed. The steel structure of both bridges is assembled. The work schedule was modified only on the artificial island, because the Vistula Lagoon froze. However, this does not jeopardize the planned completion of work.

Ships with hydrotechnical stone from Scandinavia already arrive to the spit. It is possible because the water reservoir was dredged in the area of the sea basin of the Shield Port in the Gulf of Gdańsk. The transport of materials by sea helps to relieve local roads, which reduces the investment burden for local residents.

We need 390 thousand tonnes of stone for the construction of the first stage, more than half of which has already been delivered to the investment site. It is used to strengthen breakwaters, as well as X-block plus, material that is very interesting in terms of structure. It is worth emphasising that this is an element that appears for the first time at a hydro-engineering construction site in Poland, and for the second time in Europe. It guarantees the stability of a hydro-engineering structure, but also savings in terms of the involvement of, among others, concrete that would have to be used to strengthen the breakwater, – said Wiesław Piotrzkowski, Master Mariner and Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia

But this is not the only task that has recently been performed in the area of the Gulf of Gdańsk. The erratic works on the Western Breakwater cofferdam have started. Works related to concreting the cap of the onshore part and the slab of the main part of this breakwater are also in progress. So far, sections 1 to 8 and 10 have been completed. The production of X-block plus type prefabricated concrete elements is continued.

Intensive work is underway in the Shipping Channel. In the lock, the construction of the sheet piling, micropiles, and excavations for CFA piles have been completed. All such piles are ready.

In addition, the steel structure of both swing bridges is installed – thanks to them it will be possible to maintain car traffic without interruptions, regardless of the vessels sailing through the new waterway.

-The mechanics and hydraulics elements of the south bridge are being installed. All elements of the main frame were also welded on it, – informs Jacek Szymański, director of the project of the NDI/Besix consortium

The construction of the Nowy Świat Harbourmaster’s Office is coming to an end. Currently, porcelain tile floors are being laid on the ground floor and on the first floor. Finishing works are underway on all floors, for example, putties are applied, painting is in progress, electrical, ventilation and sanitary systems are performed.

-The building of the Harbourmaster’s Office, as an outpost of the Maritime Office in Gdynia, will be a quite large and, I hope, architecturally attractive object. It is from there that the maritime administration will watch over the safety of the basin and the traffic of commercial and tourist ships in the area of the passage through the Vistula Spit, – added Wiesław Piotrzkowski

Due to the freezing of the Vistula Lagoon, it was necessary to temporarily suspend activities on the artificial island. On the other hand, supplies of materials – sheet piles and temporary struts – are continued. The equipment is serviced.

-Apart from that, works related to the installation of the network along the shipping channel are carried out. The assembly of the pre-treatment system for outlet No. VII – a separator, settling tank, well, pumping station body, as well as internal installations in the harbourmaster’s office building and the drilling for the S-1 deep well for this facility are in progress. The master control system is being tested, – says Jacek Szymański, director of the project of the NDI/Besix consortium.

The next few weeks at the construction site include profiling of slopes on both breakwaters, continuation of erratic works and reinforced concrete works on the breakwaters. The production, delivery and installation of X-block plus concrete elements will continue. In the lock, 60% of the lean concrete will be made for the bottom slabs and works related to reinforcement and concreting will be carried out. In the Shipping Channel, the installation of sheet piling will be continued, as well as making micropiles and concreting. Works will also cover both bridges. If the weather allows for it, and the Vistula Lagoon thaws, further driving of the cofferdam wall forming the boundaries of the artificial island is planned, as well as the installation of ties and cofferdam fillings. There are also plans to prepare a transhipment quay with a hydrotechnical stone storage yard in the Port of Elbląg and to start deliveries of hydrotechnical stone to the warehouse.


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