The Norblin Factory: place with a soul inspired by history


When you look at the landscape of Warsaw’s Wola, you can see the changing climate of this place, which is undergoing a spectacular transformation before our eyes. These post-industrial areas and their potential have been noticed by investors and are increasingly revealing their unique character. The symbol of changes in the Wola district is revitalization of the former Norblin, Buch Brothers and T. Werner factory located between Żelazna, Łucka and Prosta Streets—this rare on a global scale project is carried out by Capital Park Group. Historic post-factory buildings are being restored to their glory days, and above them a built-up, modern space will appear. Soon this place will come alive again and it will be restored to the city and its inhabitants. The opening of the entire revitalized complex is planned for the second quarter of 2021.


Warsaw’s Wola, where two centuries ago, one of the most thriving metal factories in the Kingdom of Poland operated as the Norblin, Buch Brothers and T. Werner factory—it was here that some of the most beautiful plates and pieces of utilitarian art were created, currently only found in private collections. Today, Capital Park Group writes a new chapter in the history of this extraordinary place. The area of the former Norblin factory, which for many years was a neglected pearl of post-industrial architecture, is currently undergoing revitalization and transforming into a new part of the city with offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, a food hall, an ecological food market, a boutique cinema and an open museum commemorating the history of one of the largest enterprises in the Polish history. The Norblin factory will fit into the atmosphere of dynamically developing Wola district, the city’s new and vibrant heart with much to offer in terms of culture and entertainment. The complex will constitute a natural extension of the open public space, friendly and welcoming to visitors.


The post-industrial area will offer over 66,000 sq.m. of usable area, out of which 40,000 sq.m. will be the office area. The remaining 26,000 sq.m. will be a compilation of several functions: entertainment, restaurants, services, retail, culture and wellness. Among the tenants operating in this area, there will be a boutique cinema, BioBazar—a market with certified eco food and organic products, a food hall with over 20 restaurant concepts, Piano Bar with live music, and many restaurants, including one located on the roof with a view over the center of Warsaw. For convenience of the visitors and workers of the complex, a 4-level underground parking with 720 car parking spaces and 200 dedicated places for bikes will be provided. The buildings will be equipped with a number of eco-friendly solutions – the project was pre-certified with BREEAM “Very Good” rating in the design phase.

Our investments are architecturally and functionally interesting, add value to the area in which they are located, are attractive to the local community and attract renowned tenants. We will restore to the community two hectares of land in the heart of the city, a public place where you can relax, meet friends and spend time in cultural events, entertainment, shopping and good food. The revitalized, historic space will be restored to the city and its inhabitants. We want the Norblin Factory to be attractive also for tourists visiting Warsaw, so that it is a place that combines many different functions and refers to the amazing history of the factory and its international successes – says Kinga Nowakowska, Operational Director and the Management Board Member in Capital Park Group.


To commemorate the history of the plants at Żelazna Street, the complex will have a modern, interactive and open Museum of the Former Norblin Factory. Everyone who will use the offices, commercial, service or restaurant area in the future will be given a chance to experience the history of this place. Hence the concept of an open museum, which will expand throughout the entire complex. The exhibits will be primarily the monuments of the former factory – former factory buildings as well as machinery and equipment of the technological line.

The revitalized Norblin Factory will write a new chapter in history—it will be a place created for people, city residents, office workers, tourists and the needs of all these groups.


Grupa Capital Park

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