We are building the next stage of the “Miasteczko Greenwood”

F.B.I. TASBUD International Group is already building the next stage of the estate at Verdiego Street in Warsaw. The fourth stage of the investment will consist of another six buildings with nearly 200 apartments.

The estate was designed over a large area, and its residents could enjoy living in an intimate atmosphere close to nature. One of the greenest districts of Warsaw – Białołęka, provides a pleasant, slightly suburban atmosphere. For the convenience of residents, the project also includes a service area and an underground garage.

The advantages of the investment include low-rise buildings, creating a family-like, peaceful atmosphere of the estate, an appropriate layout of apartments, as well as spacious corridors and staircases. Apartments located on the ground floor will be equipped with large gardens, and on the higher floors – glazed balconies will be at the disposal of future residents. The good location of the buildings and panoramic windows will allow  to enter the apartmentsa a lot of sunlight. The white and gray facade of the “Miasteczko Greenwood” will give it a modern character. It is no coincidence that the apartments built in the next stages of the investment are very popular among young and actively living people looking for their green oasis in a big city.

As the General Contractor, the F.B.I. TASBUD International Group guarantees the highest quality of the housing estate and the use of modern solutions. There will also be specialized engineering works, for example, the investment substrate will be strengthened in the DSM (Deep Soil Mixing) column technology, which will ensure the efficiency and economy of this process.



Last Updated on July 21, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska